Plus an Announcement regarding “In the Latest Chapter Of...” Articles. Also there will be Spoilers for the end of this Series.

That´s some Rice you have in there.

We have reach to the end of the road! The first part of the second season of Cardfight!! Vanguard G has ended. So now, let us see what has happened on the series so far, now that the second part, Stride Gate is above us!

GIRS Crisis Plan Explained!

Pure Veterans featuring Jaime


GIRS, the holographic system that the Vanguard Association uses in order to make it´s stuff and the realistic graphics and such. This is a computer system connected to a certain server, and as any server it can be overloaded…

GIRS Crisis Plan is one which objective it´s to detect where Ryuzu´s Location is, and in order to do that, they will overload the system by doing 2 things at the same time.

In one space, Mamoru, Asaka, That guy from PSI Team, and others will overload the system with the Stride force, making the system really fragile.


Second…Is the match that Try3 team and the Legendary team Quadrfoglio (Q4) will have, their matches have to full and overload the GIRS system. By doing that, all the Vanguard´s Association system will blown up…Except for one, the backup system that it´s in charge by none other than Ryuzu…

Now, Ryuzo can be in any part of the world, so that´s why all the other fighters that known Ibuki (Basically all of the 4 Seasons of the original series) will have an eye open and be ready in order to find and defeat Ryuzu!

Sounds like a nice plan… And as you might know, it went perfectly!

Now Everyone on Japan is going to gather on that location and defeat once and for all that damned Ryuzu!!


Try3 Vs Q4

We need Aichi

The Hype!!! OMG!!! Q4 You can Havemah BABY!!


One of the most hyped moments on the whole series has to be when it got announced that the final fight for our Heroes, Try3 would be to fight the legendary Team Quadrifoglio (Q4 for short).


Q4 was the team composed by Child Kamui, the teenage versions of Kai and Misaki and the Legendary Aichi. They fought and won the nationals defeating the invincible team of AL4 Foo Fighters winning the Nationals; later they fought on the Asian Circuit and won, winning against the mysterious team Dreadnought (or something like that :P) and at the same time defeated a mysterious entity called “Void”, who was trying to destroy both Cray (the card´s world) and the Earth. Later they reunited once more when the Tatsunagi group made the biggest tournament at the time, and Aichi, alongside Kai; defeated Ibuki against it´sDeletors, awakening the Neon Messiah and opening the Stride Generation Unites.

The Name Q4 is a name that in truth has become legendary for their fights when even when they were against the ropes, they could come forward…All thanks to Aichi, who in truth was the heart and soul of the team.

Now, all of those things are memories of the past. But the Vanguard Association remembers quite well all of those things and, for the final match against the big winners of the G Quest, Team Try3, it has summoned 3 of those legendary members in order to give them hell!


Hi Aichi!

Obviously, Aichi is absent, since he is on America, on College, and he is with Ratti (a Season 4 enemy girl, now good)… It looks like he changed the delicious Vanilla that was Kourin and changed it for a delicious Chocolate, huh?

On Any case. Having that into account let me tell you this:

All the Fights has been Awesome!


I am serious about this. All the fights have been amazing! From the TokohaVs. Mizaki, where the equal forces made it unpredictable to know who was going to win; the Shion Vs. Kai where man, Shion truly had it Hard against the basically invincible Kai! And the fight of Chrono Vs. Kamui has truly delivered!

So yeah, in truth, these fights truly has been a roller coaster of emotions and it show us the amazingness of this show!



Before the Fight we got that every member of Try3 revealed to each other of what is their ambition regarding this Special fight.

With Chrono is to stop Ryouzo, save his family, save Gear Chronicle and in some sense put some light on how and why his Father died.

With Shion is to uncover all the complot that it had with his family´s company and to return the power to his Dad.


Tokoha it is to try to convince Am (who was Ace) to stop it already what she tries to do, since Luna truly cares about her…and Luna (and to a lesser extent Am) are her friends.

Obviously all of those things go to one thing… To defeat Ryouzu!


Continuing. We now know that Shouma is alongside Ryouzu, and Am is on his side too…And while Shouma´s motivations are still obscure, we have some light on Am´s motivations and it is to try to recover her Parents who are in a vegetative state.

There is also that Am was supposed to be in use for some thing for Ryouzu, but as of right now, it looks like that Luna might be more suitable for such endeavor

Other nice development was the one about Kamui´s reasoning, since it shows his maturity, and how has he been witness of the fate that people like Aichi had to endure…And that wasn´t pretty, I mean Aichi basically sacrificed himself and lost the love of his life because of his “Fate”.


On other part. Ryuzu is not alone, and it looks like he can predict that his end is coming son…But he is not alone. He has some other people on his back, someone who aren´t only Shouma or Am… Who are they? Why they follow him? Either way, they will be the new challenge that our Heroes will have to face!

So Having all with that, the thing is opened to the next Part! Stride Gate!

…And Talking about Stride Gate…

Final Announcement.


You might know that in the past, I covered on the series of Cover Up Articles “In the Latest Chapter Of…” the Anime of Cardfight!! Vanguard G.

Well now…


Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Stride Gate will be a part of those Articles!! The Return of the Classic Series that started it all! Yeah. So be ready to have your weekly Vanguard update with this amazing series!

This decision was made since I truly wanted to come back to Vanguard and use the new experience that I gathered covering Saint Seiya-Soul of Gold-; Attack on Titan: Junior High; Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation and Luck & Logic (with big promps to all of you guys who gave me a lot of tips and support!) . Which means a more dynamic covering articles, with better writing and a longer “My Impressions” Part.

So be Ready!

On the same note, I Hope that on the “X Chapter so Far: Macross Delta” we can have lots of fun conversations, theories and more! So I will be seeing you there too!


That is all and see ya Next Time!