We have reached the end of the road! After 26 chapters of Macross Delta, we have reached the epic conclusion of this epic tale filled with music, love and epic fights!

So for that let us check them out!

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Chapter 25

The chapter starts with the notice that Makina is stable now, although she won´t participate for a while. At the same time, Freyja tells the group that she is Ok, that her “injury” I n her hand is nothing to be worried about.

Also Reina has decrypted some messages from Wright Immelman, which reveals that he was trying to boycott his own operation by releasing the bomb where he shouldn´t in a place where there wasn´t any people, although the NUNS people activate the bomb remotely.

Also Freyja gets to see that the person who gave her the music player was Hayate´s Dad.


So with that Hayate´s father is redeemed in a way.

There it is the news that Mikumo´s song made several damages to the NUNS. In any case Freyja explains about the Song of the Stars, and the color of Mikumo´s singing… Which it was Darkness.


In another news, we get to now that after the failure that it was the attack to Windermere, the NUNS is planning in using dimensional weapons. At the same time, Heinz tells the Aerial Knights about Mikumo and that she will sing in Ragna, Borgues complains saying that Heinz should be the one singing; but Heinz shows his dried skin to all…

At the same time, the Epsilon Guy reaches the Delta People and tells them about Windermere plans and the fact that he has decided to stop supporting Windermere due that the result of the investigation would be dangerous for him, also he reveals that Mikumo is indeed a Protoculture person who was “revived”/cloned or something, also that Lady M is Minmei… Although that was more on the implied sense, rather than actually saying it upfront.

In Any case, the Delta Squadron now knows that if they want to stop another dimensional weapon AND stop Windermere´s plans they must defeat them in Ragna!


In both sides, both group of warriors are preparing and Mirage basically surrenders to “Freyjayato” Ship (;_;) and tells Hayate to go where Freyja is… Hayato goes and both Freyja and himself checks some things that Hayato´s Mom send him, they where the things that Wright sent to his son.

Lastly, the enemy activates Mikumo in order to control the minds of the NUNS fleet who has the dimensional weapon. By making them activate in there, destroying the complete army… Now the last showdown between The Aerial Knights and the Delta Squadron will be in Ragna!

It was a good preparing chapter, although I have seen better, in any case and while I am sad that basically the “Mirayato” ship is no more (;_;) the romantic part with Freyja are good enough to make it feasible, so all good with me! Also there are giant death flags in every character! Heck at the very least one for each head! Still… The next chapter will come next and I am hyped for it!


Also the writing for this chapter got deleted and I had to use my powerful memory in order to rewrite it :P

Macross Delta 26


The Chapter starts with the news about how the NUNS Fleet was destroyed by the Dimensional Weapons, which they activated themselves, at the same time big fold waves where founded in there, so Ernest have joined the points. In any case, the Delta Squadron is going to Ragna!!

Meanwhile Hayate was about to tell something to Freyja (I would guess that he loves her) in any case, he wasn´t able to say it and just tells her that both of them must come here alive!

Meanwhile Heinz can feel the weight of the countless of lives who has perished due to his order, now after that, he is ready to end the bloodshed and starts peace talks with the NUNS. Meanwhile Roid has taken Mikumo to where the Star Singer must be, her Stage, and Roid will be in charge by sitting in the King´s throne.


Back with our Heroes, the remaining Walkure Girls (Freyja, Kaname and Reina) are going to start singing, while the attack starts! The Operation Ragnarock starts and the Delta Squadron starts shooting everything they can see!

Soon they enter in Ragna´s atmosphere and the final fight against the Sky Knights will start now! Heinz activates Mikumo in order for Windermere to make their move.


The singing start and it affects everyone! Human, Windermerean, Zentraedi,Ragnan and everything in between! Roid is pleased since now all of the “human-like” races are going to be connected as one single entity; Heinz and the Sky Knights are truly shocked by knowing Roid´s true colors, Roid says that he aims for eternal peace, all of the races being like a single-minded creature, similar to Vajra…

Now, everyone falls to this hypnosis- like state. Mikumo sees and says that how was she able to do this? Roid tells her that now both he and her will be the ones in charge of everything.

Heinz, Hayate, Mirage and the others start fighting,; Freyja for her part is trying to sing in order to wake them up! At the same time Heinz starts singing and gives to his men to join Delta and take down Roid!


Borgues ask if he is telling them to forgive them?! Which Heinz says that no, that they will dealt with the Unified Government later; but now they have a common enemy, so for the great wind, take down Roid!

Roid tries to stop them!


Hayate struggles and he decides to tell his feelings; he tells Freyja that he loves her and will always protect her and do everything in order for her song to be heard! Freyja is pleased, but she doesn´t say much, her skin is getting drier… Mirage detects it and decides to come out of the blue and tells her feelings for Hayate, saying how much she loves him! Now that both of them have come in the clear with that, it´s Freyja´s turn! She says that she loves Hayate! Those strong feelings are able to move Mikumo, Roid enters with a shock/mind/whatever wave and Freyja wakes up!

Freyja starts singing the first opening song (that about having fun inside one…) and everyone starts waking up! The fight against Roid is about to start! Kaname and Reina joins the singing and even Mikumo starts waking up; Roid starts screaming the “Rudanjal Rom Mayan” like a mad man!


Makina joins the singing too! Mirage calls Hayate a Horny Boy and there are explosions everywhere! Roid is doing his best to contain the attacks and even takes out of their balance to Walkure; but all of them survives, Freyja tells Mikumo that her Rune is vigorous with life now! She is singing with Walkure and has found the love of her life! Mikumo wakes up totally and says that what she truly desires is singing with all of them!

Mikumo starts singing too! Not like the Star Singer; but as a Walkure member! The Sky Knights starts attacking Roid and helping Delta Squadron, even Borgues saves the Walkure Girls! The song ends and now the second opening one starts! (the one about Absolute Zero)


The Macross Elysion takes it´s Robot form and is going full speed to stop Roid once and for all! The Macross attacks and Roid responds, the giant Macross looses and arm; but keeps attacking opening a breach where Our Heroes can enter!

Mirage, Hayate and Keith joins forces! Hayate and Mirage saves Mikumo and Keith goes to fight against Roid! Keith kills roid with his sword and then the base explodes… Taking both lives with it.

Heinz orders to leave, they will go back to Windermere… Our Heroes have taken Ragna back…


Everyone has survived, Mirage looks at Hayate´s Plane and smiles, while she shed a tear, still she looks pleased. Hayate and Freyja flyes and both of them makes the decision of being always together…


The Chapter Ends…

Man that was Epic!! I was at the verge of my seat all the chapter! Everything was so cool! Of course, there are some things that go unanswered since we can only guess that Windermere will start peace talks with the United Government, and Borgues will keep on hating Walkure and all… Still I am happy how it ended Since it was a very fitting end for this series!


Also yeah, I am sad that the Mirayato Ship has wrecked and it´s a thing of the past now, still… just like Mirage, while that is a pity, I am happy for Hayate, Freyja and the people who shipped them, so all´s good from my part!

Now this is a series that I started watching by curiosity, since while I have seen the Original Macross (and Robotech) and have watched some chapters and movies for the past series, I never sought myself as a true Macross fan, now after this series, I guess that is going to start to change since while this series had some clear problems (like too many characters and a lot of them won´t get developed, specially the Sky Knights) the things that it did well, like the action and the romance, it truly did it amazingly well, so much that this makes the whole journey worthy!

In any case, now that we have ended this 6 months journey with me and Macross, what are your impressions on the Series? Did you liked it? Did you not? Do you say as the Jews says: “It was Good that it happened; but it was better that it finished”? Or What?


Now Finally, this is the end for this series, but not for the “X Chapters so Far” Articles, which will come back eventually for “Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Next” although it might be every 4 to 6 chapters instead of three, mostly because Vanguard´s Seasons are waaay longer than a normal series. In any case, it has been a pleasure!

See Ya Next Time!!