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25 Noteworthy Lighthearted Anime Openings and Endings from this Decade

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Decade In ReviewDecade In ReviewAniTAY takes a retrospective on the decade with everything from our favourite moments to remembering how culture evolved.

So far we’ve remembered the great, the unheard, and the best of the worst. Now it’s time to reminisce the amusing and whimsical. Which themes this decade were sure to leave you with a smile on your face?


In fact, that’s how we judged these openings and endings. A metaphorical tape measure was used to determine which themes generated the largest grin.

In no particular order, here we go.

Barakamon OP

Season: Summer 2014 | Title: Rashisa | Artist: SUPER BEAVER

The freedom of youth.

Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto OP

Season: Spring 2016 | Title: COOLEST | Artist: Customi Z

There are probably other OPs that only show one character, but none that do it in Sakamoto’s style. It’s a great parody of traditional OPs where each new shot is supposed to highlight a character or a story point, except it’s all just Sakamoto.


Engaged to the Unidentified OP

Season: Winter 2014 | Title: Tomadoi→Recipe | Artist: Mikakuning!

Cute girls doing cute things and this list. This is the first of many. You can’t escape. (Slight NSFW for the first 10 seconds).


Nichijou - My Ordinary Life OP 1

Season: Spring 2011 | Title: Hyadain no Kakakata☆Kataomoi - C | Artist: Hyadain (Kenichi Maeyamada)


Not too many people remember the second OP which is also great.

Sabagebu! Survival Game Club! ED


Season: Summer 2014 | Title: Piti Pati SurviBird | Artist: The Sabagebu! Cast

Catchy song + dance + CGDCT = on the list.

Yes, this website was the only place I could even find the ED.

Sweetness & Lightning OP

Season: Summer 2016 | Title: Harebare Fanfare | Artist: MimimemeMIMI

They never did tell us who was Sweetness and who was Lightning.

Amagi Brilliant Park OP

Season: Fall 2014 | Title: Extra Magic Hour | Artist: AKINO with bless4

The clap gets me every time.

Servant x Service OP

Season: Summer 2013 | Title: May I Help You? | Artist: Servant x Service Cast

This OP does a good job at capturing what a dysfunctional workplace looks like. Note: this is not be the last theme from a show about a dysfunctional workplace.


Blood Blockade Battlefront ED

Season: Spring 2015 | Title: Sugar Song to Bitter Step | Artist: Unison Square Garden


Happy dancing on stage.

Grand Blue OP

Season: Summer 2018 | Title: Grand Blue | Artist: Shounan no Kaze

What’s better than a show about a bunch of friends being friends? (NSFW)

Gabriel DropOut OP

Season: Winter 2017 | Title: Gabriel Drop Kick | Artist: Gabriel DropOut Cast

This OP is as hectic as the show, in a god way.

Three Leaves, Three Colors OP

Season: Spring 2016 | Title: Clover♣Kakumation | Artist: Triple♣Feeling

That buildup at the end is unbeatable.

Girls’ Last Tour OP

Season: Fall 2017 | Title: Ugoku, Ugoku | Artist: Girls’ Last Tour Cast

Their happiness given their situation makes me happy.

Humanity Has Declined OP

Season: Summer 2012 | Title: Real World | Artist: nano.RIPE

Nothing is happier than an OP run by tiny little elves. Poor elves.

Yuru Yuri OP


Season: Summer 2011 | Title: Yuriyurarararayuruyuri Daijiken | Artist: Nanamori Chu☆Goraku Bu

They’re not as innocent as they appear. Be aware.

Witch Craft Works ED

Season: Winter 2014 | Title: Witch☆Activity | Artist: Witch Craft Works “Evil” Cast


An AniTAY favourite. No joke you all said to add this one.

Himouto! Umaru-chan OP

Season: Summer 2015 | Title: Kakushinteki☆Metamaruphose! | Artist: Aimi Tanaka (Umaru)


You knew I wouldn’t leave this off the list.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid OP

Season: Winter 2017 | Title: Aozora no Rhapsody | Artist: fhána

fhána will not be beat.

Hanayamata OP


Season: Summer 2014 | Title: Hana wa Odore ya Irohaniho | Artist: Hanayamata Cast

This is such a happy OP, but I kinda want to cry right now.


Season: Fall 2014 | Title: Welcome!! DISCO Kemo Kemo Ke | Artist: Kokkri-san Cast


Heh, this list has more than 25 entries too.

Yuru Camp△ OP

Season: Winter 2018 | Title: SHINY DAYS | Artist: Asaka

CGDCT counter: 11?

A Place Further Than The Universe OP

Season: Winter 2018 | Title: The Girls Are Alright! | Artist: saya

This and Yuru Camp are two of the most meaningful CGDCT shows and they came out in the same season. What a time to be alive.


This Art Club Has a Problem! OP

Season: Summer 2016 | Title: STARTING NOW! | Artist: Nana Mizuki

A lesser known series, but an entertaining OP nonetheless. (Slight NSFW for like 5 seconds).


D-Frag! OP


Season: Winter 2014 | Title: Stalemate! | Artist: IOSYS jk Girls

This one’s a personal favourite.

Shirobako OP 1

Season: Fall 2014 | Title: COLORFUL BOX | Artist: Ishida

A slightly functional workplace. They had to try really hard though.

Kaguya-sama: Love is War ED 2

Season: Winter 2019 | Title: Chika Dance | Artist: Kohara Konomi

This should’ve been the ED for the whole show.

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun OP

Season: Summer 2014 | Title: Kimi ja Nakya Dame Mitai | Artist: Masayoshi Ooishi


Is this one the best? I very well could be.

Working!! OP

Season: Spring 2010 | Title: SOMEONE ELSE | Artist: Working!! Cast

By far the most dysfunctional workplace.


Season: Fall 2017 | Title: Bon Appétit♡S | Artist: Blend A

A workplace where dysfunctional people is the service.

Thank you for reading!

Did I miss or forget any good ones? This one had the largest short list yet. It was very difficult to narrow it down and I’m sure I left off some of your favourites.


Here’s last week’s list!


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