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25 Memorable Anime Openings and Endings from this Decade

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There are thousands of anime openings and endings that have come out in the last ten years, and there’s no way to objectively determine which ones are the best, but everyone has their own favourite songs that will stick with them forever. Join me as I list 25 theme songs from 2010 to 2019 that I’ll never forget.


In no particular order, here we go.

Ping Pong the Animation OP

Season: Spring 2014 | Title: Tada Hitori | Artist: Bakudan Johnny

Trust me, the art style is what makes the OP, and the show.

Angel Beats! OP

Season: Spring 2010 | Title: My Soul, Your Beats! | Artist: Lia

One of the earliest great OP/EDs of this decade. I had to double check that the show even aired in this decade.


Tokyo Ghoul OP

Season: Summer 2014 | Title: Unravel | Artist: Ling Tosite Sigure

Before I narrowed the list down I had four songs by Ling Tosite Sigure.

Steins;Gate OP

Season: Spring 2011 | Title: Hacking to the Gate | Artist: Kanako Itou

Old show, unforgettable OP.

The Promised Neverland OP

Season: Winter 2019 | Title: Touch Off | Artist: UVERworld

New show, unforgettable OP.

Kiznaiver OP

Season: Spring 2016 | Title: LAY YOUR HANDS ON ME | Artist: BOOM BOOM SATELLITES

Half way between new show and old show, unforgettable OP.

Land of the Lustrous OP

Season: Fall 2017 | Title: Kyoumen no Nami | Artist: YURiKA

The visuals in this OP are rock solid.

Death Parade OP

Season: Winter 2015 | Title: Flyers | Artist: BRADIO

Is it possible to refrain from dancing when this OP plays?

Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions OP

Season: Winter 2016 | Title: Knew day | Artist: (K)NoW_NAME

No worries if you lose your marbles listing to this OP.

No Game No Life OP

Season: Spring 2014 | Title: This game | Artist: Konomi Suzuki

No Sequel For Life.

Scum’s Wish OP

Season: Winter 2017 | Title: Uso no Hibana | Artist: 96neko

NSFW, I guess. I won’t call you a scum if you watch it though.


Season: Winter 2016 | Title: Re:Re: | Artist: Asian Kung-Fu Generation

There’s something to be said about how amazing Asian Kung-Fu Generation is.

Yuri!!! On Ice OP

Season: Fall 2016 | Title: History Maker | Artist: Dean Fujioka

The Canadian in me couldn’t pass up this OP.

Noragami Aragoto OP

Season: Fall 2015 | Title: Kyouran Hey Kids!! | Artist: THE ORAL CIGARETTES

Replays are 5 cents each.

Dororo OP

Season: Winter 2019 | Title: Kaen | Artist: Ziyoou-vachi

I haven’t actually seen this show, but I can’t stop listening to the OP. It’s on my plan to watch for sure.


Your Lie in April OP

Season: Fall 2014 | Title: Hikaru nara | Artist: Goose house

You’re welcome, Proton.

One Punch Man OP

Season: Fall 2015 | Title: THE HERO !! | Artist: JAM Project

Was lucky enough to see JAM Project perform this live.

Kakegurui OP


Season: Summer 2017 | Title: Deal with the devil | Artist: Tia

Also NSFW. It’s your gamble to take.

From the New World ED

Season: Fall 2012 | Title: Wareta Ringo | Artist: Risa Taneda

Turns out Wareta Ringo is the only ED on this list, which is completely unplanned. Not to mention this show doesn’t even have an OP...


Mob Psycho 100 OP

Season: Summer 2016 | Title: 99 | Artist: MOB CHOIR


The Tatami Galaxy OP

Season: Spring 2010 | Title: Maigo Inu to Ame no Beat | Artist: Asian Kung-Fu Generation


Asian Kung-Fu Generation is the only band/artist to appear on this list twice. It was too hard to keep it to one per artist max.

March Comes in Like a Lion OP

Season: Fall 2016 | Title: Answer | Artist: BUMP OF CHICKEN

There are actually 28 songs on this list. It was originally supposed to be 20, but it was too difficult to narrow it down, and 25 looks better in a title than 28. I made such sacrifices to add songs like this to the list :P


Terror in Resonance OP

Season: Summer 2014 | Title: Trigger | Artist: Yuuki Ozaki

Yes, another song from 2014, it was an amazing year for anime and their OP/EDs. 2014 and 2016 combined make up 1/3 of this list...


Re:Zero OP

Season: Spring 2016 | Title: Redo | Artist: Konomi Suzuki

I wanted to put both the first OP and ED on the list, but adults must exhibit self restraint.


Darling in the FranXX OP

Season: Winter 2018 | Title: KISS OF DEATH | Artist: Mika Nakashima x Hyde

Earlier I said there were 28 songs on this list, I lied. This is the 29th song. I lost my self restraint. It also rounds out the list as its the only song from 2018. At least I’m having fun, and I hope you are too.


Psycho-Pass OP 2


Season: Winter 2013 | Title: Out of Control | Artist: Nothing’s Carved in Stone

This also represents every single Psycho-Pass track. They’re all amazing, but this one comes with memes.


Rage of Bahamut: Genesis OP

Season: Fall 2014 | Title: EXiSTENCE | Artist: SiM

This OP has a demonic vibe to it, but that’s kinda the point.

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches OP

Season: Spring 2015 | Title: Kuchizuke Diamond | Artist: WEAVER

Every time I hear this tune I have an out-of-body experience.

Attack on Titan OP

Season: Spring 2013 | Title: Guren no Yumiya | Artist: Linked Horizon

Totally a coincidence that this is the final song. It’s by far the most popular OP/ED from this decade. Just look at that view count.


Thank you for viewing. This was my first article in nearly two years, so hopefully you liked it. I’m sure I missed some of your favourite songs. Throw ‘em in the comments.


Here’s the next list!


Thanks to Hybrid for giving me advice with the header image.


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