5 Weeks have passed and we have seen the end of the “First Stage” of the Under-20 Tournament! What teams did it make it? What dreams where shattered? What are the intentions of Onimaru and his gang? Will any of these questions be answered?! Let´s find out!

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Chapter 21

This chapter focuses on 2 fights: The first (and most important) Kazuma Vs. Luna, where we get to see a nice fight with great moves, and some development from Kazuma who has a crush on Luna after seeing her smile, the same smile that every girl he ever has had a fell in love with had; from the girl who invited him to the nurse office to play, the one who shared her lunch with him, and how to forget the one who covered him when he got the futon wet? In any case the feelings starts rising from Kazuma; but he can´t let her win! In the end, Kazuma is able to win and he makes the promise (to himself) to get her autograph!

The second fight is about Chrono who has to face Nagisa, who is very lucky and grateful to Ibuki since thanks to him she can be in the same team as Kamui!... Those words ringer a bell in Chrono´s ears since well… It is supposedly nothing wrong is happening and this tournament is a normal one, right? So there would be no reason for Ibuki to interfere…


…In the end Chrono looses and Nagisa wins! Bellow on the waiting lobby, Chrono finds Kamui who tells him the story about how Ibuki convinced him to enter this tournament… It seems that Ibuki wanted to have an insider informant, for something; at the same time Kamui enter because Emi Sendou (his one-sided Love), so that was his reason… After that Kamui leaved the place.

Chapter 22


The chapter starts with Noah, from team Neo Nippon, he has won a match and he suddenly hears a voice, it is calling him. Following his curiosity, Noah goes towards where the voice was calling him; he finds a strange door and enters.

When he does that, the Driffriders team activates a component that cuts the energy of the whole place. The darkness comes and only the emergency lights appears. Chrono, who had just appeared again on the action zone, sees Kasumi and he ask him what he is doing? Since the advice was to not to move and wait until the energy comes back. Kasumi just says that he wanted to explore the place since he hadn´t much chance of doing so.


Ibuki catches up to them… Obviously, and he will have a cardfight with Kasumi!

The fight was Ok, although it didn´t got an ending since the energy came back. What is more important is that Kasumi went to where Noah was and…


… To put it short, he has made that a Card possessed Noah´s body, to become one with his card. After that Noah was just standing there, with evil eyes.

Chapter 23


This chapter is for both the Fukuhara Vanguard Club and Jaime Flowers teams. On the side of Fukuhara is especially centered on Rin Hashima, meanwhile on Jaime flowers it is centered on Tokoha; although Kumi and Enishi has their time on the spotlight though!

The important fights are between Kumi Vs. Emi and Rin Vs. Tokoha, I won´t go into details; but the fights where quite good! In the end Jaime Flowers team wins and they have gotten nough points to pass to the Next Stage! Which BTW there where 3 positions left; well now 2.


On the same note, the character development for Rin was amazing, since she come to remember how she was bored with everything and even pros tried to scout her; but she always denied… Still, now after this, all the fights she has lived on this Under-20 Championship; Rin has found what she wants to do, what she can kill her boredom… Being a Pro. And for that she is going to win this tournament and beat the crap out of Tokoha, Shion and the Champion himself!

Chapter 24


Now there are only 2 places left for the Next Stage! This chapter had an amazing fight between Shion and Taiyou. Royal Paladins Vs. Golden Paladins, seriously this fight was amazingly good! Like seriously this fight truly has take the cake as the best one in the whole season!

The moves where amazing and the strategies used quite well done; In the end, Shion won against Taiyou, who truly make him a run for it´s money. Still the disappointment in Taiyou was so big that he couldn´t stop the tears to appear on his cheeks.


Now Fukuhara´s Vangaurd Club has secured it´s place for the Next Stage! Chrono, for his part, has found Noah… A fight between the Gear Chronicle and the Link Joker user will begin.

Chapter 25


An Amazing and somewhat unsettling episode, Chrono and Noah had to fight, the big climax on this first round arc of the Under-20 Championship! The winner will be the last team to enter on the Next Stage.

Now the fight was intense, Noah truly had control over the whole fight since turn 1, and in truth there wasn´t much that Chrono could do to win, he was just dancing at Noah´s tune all the time! Still, in the end Chrono wins and his team goes to the next stage; but he didn´t won because he had the ability, he did it because Noah wanted it to be that way… Since it seems that unlike Onimaru and his team, Noah has it´s own agenda, so much that it looks like that after the match he leaves the team Neo Nippon.


Other revelations where made since it looks like that Onimaru wants Chrono to join them, or rather to be possessed by “their Master”, and the fulfillment of their wishes. At the same time Chrono got to knew that something was not Okay with Noah, he was being too creepy and… Well yeah, creepy.

All in all an amazing chapter that I enjoyed throughfully.


Finally, and some spoiler for the next chapter… Aichi is coming back!! The original main character of Vanguard!! The man who started being a loser (both in life and Vangaurd) and ended up being awesome! He defeated Ren Suzugamori and won the nationals; won the Asian circuit (plus stopped the being called “Void”) , suppressed the Link Joker invasion and released the Neon Messiah defeating the Deletors and its user Kouji Ibuki! In truth it is going to be amazing seeing him again, and looking how Chrono will interact with him it will be truly interesting, mostly because theya re truly opposite:

- Chrono is Hot-Blooded; Aichi is Shy.

-Chrono was good from the start; Aichi became good after having a very long loosing streak.


-Chrono is natural talent; Aichi has the Psyqualia hability, and so forth.

Now talking about the Psyqualia... Or rather from the air of the original series first season and this one there is something similar, which was that : the Cards can be selfish and jerks.

I mean, Psyqualia was the hability to contact with the cards (think like “The heart of the cards” in Yu-Gi-Oh!) and to even mind break them; but the thing had bad effects on it´s user which first is that it is higly addictive (like a drug), it affects its user sanity and one can become a “Cards Puppet”. On the originals eries this was because the Units (cards) where using the persons with Psyqualia´s sensibility in order to resolve some sort of war they had on their original world.


Now on this season something similar is happening since they are making that the cards take control of the human body and they ebcome suddenly extremely good at this card game and have the hability to use “their imagination” to mind break the opponent; why they do this? That´s still a mystery; but the similarities are drawn! So this makes it something truly interesting and esciting to see being developed.

Anyway That is all and see ya in 5 or so weeks!