We are close to the epic end of this chapter in the Macross Franchise! These 3 Chapters, I felt them like a fully preparations for the final 2 chapters, and honestly I can´t wait to see what happens! In any case, let us see what has happened!

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Chapter 22

The chapter starts in Windermere, where the Sky Knights wonder why the Sanctum (the place where Heinz sing) is closed, according to official reports it is because they want to investigate why Heinz collapsed before going further. So now they need to keep appearances and keep things at bay until Heinz is able to sing again.

Meanwhile Cassim is looking at his apple trees who will be sent to his family, he looks the photo of his Son, Alec.

Meanwhile with our Heroes, the other Platoons are ready to commence the operation, Mirage is talking with both Hayato and Freyja and we get to know that both of them will be part of the operation under the condition that Mirage will take full responsibility, at the same time, if Hayato loses and is a problem for the civilians and such control She will have to shoot him down.


A little of Fanservice looking at the Walkure Girls in underwear and some confidence to Freyja later. We get to see Mikumo talking with Hayato about stuff… Like Hayato relationship with Freyja and stuff.

I will stop for a moment and will say that in a way the revelation of Mikumo´s past it´s affecting her in a way, since she is talking about that all the time, from since her thoughts are her own or that she in truth is 3 years-old, of course she tells it in her own way and looks confident and all of that…Ergo Mikumo keeps acting as Mikumo, still it´s obvious that she is affected.


Back at Windermere. Heinz is talking with Keith, the first one tells the other one the keep his situation a secret for now, and to not to blame Roid, who is leading Windermere quite well. We get to know also that Roid was the one who stood by Heinz side all of the time, since Keith was always distant to him, no matter how many times Heinz tried to get close to him. Keith then remembers the day when Heinz was born and the King taught him how to ride “the true wind” at the same time it was the last time he allowed him to call him “Father”.

Finally Keith says that his loyalty is with Heinz…

Back with our Heroes, the mission is about to start! We get to know to that thanks to Mikumo it is to their knowledge that the Wind Singer can´t do anything…So Windermere is vulnerable now!... Leaving the city behind, Macross Elysion goes to his destiny!


The attack begins at Randall. So obviously the Sky Knights will go to the action! The plan goes smoothly since the objective was to create a diversion so in that way Delta Platoon can enter Alfheim and activate a teletransporter from there.

Still Our Heroes have trouble since some Sky Knights like Cassim, Theo and Xao have been deployed to that place!

Also Arad and Kanade remember Messer, who might as well be with them in spirit.


The Concert starts and Freyja´s singing has doubts and is no good; thankfully after a bitch-slap from Mikumo to Freyja (something that made me laughs for some reason) she gets back on track.

Meanwhile the fight against the Sky Knights is tough, especially since Cassim is giving his all and his abilities are now similar to those of Keith. Hayato then gets affected by Freyja´s singing and lose control; Mirage then draws out her weapon and begs him to stop…

Until Mirage decides to make a decision… Embrace him and stop him like that. Hayato can feel the love and how both Girls: Mirage and Freyja, are there for him and helps him to recover consciousness. Hayate says that he wil never lose control again!

Now Mirayato team start kicking asses!

Walkure Music opens the portal and the Idol Group (alongside Hayato and Mirage) manages to enter, leaving Arad and Chuck behind.


The fight against Cassim is really hard that even Theo and Xao are able to know that something is not right.

As result of the fight, Cassim´s ship gets shoot and he falls to the ground, Hayate was almost praying for his safety and goes to where he is in order to help him… Sadly it was too late, Hayate, Mirage and Freyja witness the death of the Aerial Knight.


End of the chapter.

Man it was a good episode! Although inside the series have been better, still this was good enough and a good opening ceremony for the big final conflict in all of this!

Chapter 23


The chapter starts with Our heroes going to the rendezvous point, they have been separated into three teams: Hayato, Freyja and Mirage; Makina, Reina and Mikumo; Arad and Kaname. All of them is doing their best to not to be caught since the death of Cassim has put all of Windermere in a high alert.

Meanwhile Heinz has a petition for both Roid and Keith.

We get to know also a little more about Freyja´s past and her memories when she get in contact with Earthlings and with their music. At the same time Arad tells some of his stories to Kaname in what it was a NUNS building before…


Meanwhile Reina, Makina and Mikumo are doing their own thing; Reina is injured, although it´s nothing to be worried about. In any case, both girls are giving Mikumo new experiences like eating together or how cold it´s the snow and stuff like that… There it is to say that these short; but sweet comedy moments are truly good, since sometimes the things can get a little too serious and or tragic, so I appreciate it.

Meanwhile Freyja and Mirage talk a little while Hayate went to explore, both girls ask basically why they go so far in what they do? And their answer is the same… Because Hayate… Suddenly Hayate returns and he says that the Aerial Knights are here!


To put it short. Hayate, Mirage and Freyja are captured by Borgues and company; meanwhile Mikumo gets separated from Makina and Reina and, after showing us that she can kick some serious ass, gets captured by Roid, who calls her the “Star Singer”.

Still none of our Heroes gets killed since the orders from Heinz are to keep them alive and give them a trial before executing them.


After a short conversation and the fact that Hayate is the son of the man who drop the dimensional bomb, they took them to see the place where the bomb was dropped.

Meanwhile Arad and the other Walkure girls are discussing what to do next and the only option is to continue with the plan and going to the rendezvous point.


Back with Hayate and the girls, we get to know that Cassim´s body has been sent to his family, also that they have gratitude that they left an apple next to his body.

In there, we get to know the story of that place, Karlisle, and that Borgues Sister died in the explosion, also Freyja looked at the scene when she was a child. In any case, Hayate tells Freyja to sing for them, and so she does.

… That didn´t liked Borgues very much… So soon enough he starts becoming violent, and Hayate interferes, alongside Mirage. Our Heroes says that no side has the whole truth behind the incident; but they are sure about something… The Aerial Knights are wrong! Borgues it´s truly angry… Still, he asks Roid to let him show them the “Wings of the Demon” Roid basically say yes (well, more exactly a whatever).


The Demon Wings… a VF-22, the plane used to drop the bomb, now repaired thanks to the King Gramia, it is a showing of Windermere humiliation and Earthlings monstrosity , inside of it there it was a human body… Wright Immelman, Hayate´s father… The man who dropped the dimensional bomb.

Lastly. Mikumo wakes up at Roid´s office… He says that his Wings are with her… The Star Singer.

End of the chapter.

Man what a good chapter! And what Cliffhangers! Now the big resolutions and some revelations will come for the big finale!


Chapter 24

The chapter starts with Freyja, Hayate and Mirage in front of the King and committee, except Roid who is busy in the Sanctum the place where Heinz used to sing, in any case this trial is a fiction since there is no jury, prosecutor or defense…


Meanwhile Arad and the Walkure Girls are intercepted by the Epsilon Guy who has something to show them.

At the same time, Roid has taken Mikumo to the Sanctum.

Back with Hayate and the girls, the things doesn´t go well for them, besides the fact of some conversations regarding songs coming from Heinz with Freyja, still Our heroes gets harmed a little, specially by Borgues, and the result of this trial is the one you can expect in any fictional trial… They are guilty, heh… Funny thing, in the country where I live such Kangaroo courts or fiction of trials are prohibited…


Meanwhile the Epsilon Guy takes Arad and the others to where the Wright Immelman´s plane is, and he tells them that the thing can be used to fly, after that he leaves since he is leaving Windermere for the time being… I think he knows that the things are going to get ugly and for that he is leaving.

Meanwhile Roid is telling Mikumo that she is the start singer, the last gift of the Protoculture people to Windermere, a high priestess with high powers who later transmitted it to the Wind Singers… For Roid, Mikumo IS the Star Singer, who was brought back to life thanks to Lady M, for whatever reason they wanted… Hmmm… It reminds me of my theory that Mikumo was a Protoculture person, and with this information, she kind off is… So I wasn´t so wrong after all!


The Judgment comes, and Hayate, Mirage and Freyja will basically have a “Pirate´s dead sentence”ergo walking to the planch and falling t nothingness… The Sky Knights whoa ren´t called Theo, Xao and Borgues, compliment a little the flying skills of both Hayate and Mirage, saying that it is a shame that they have to die today… Hayate talks a little about Messer, and also that he doesn´t enjoy killing, since he doesn´t want to taint Freyja´s singing with blood.

In any case, Hayate is the first one to walk and goes his way, he reaches the tip of the place and is ready to jump…Until…

Deus Ex Machina comes in action!! The ship of Hayate´s Dad appears and starts shooting! Hayate and the girls take the sudden chaos and jumps towards the cliff! Their Valkyries are waiting for them! Now the “Tactical Show” will begin! Even if Mikumo is not there, they have to start and she even will appear with a big entrance later!


Walkure starts singing and Mikumo is able to hear it. Amidst the chaos, Makina gets shoot on her back (the wound wasn´t in the heart tough) Kaname treats her wound; although Walkure has to keep singing! The portals get opened and Chuck alongside the Nuns enters Windermere! The fight has properly begun!

Meanwhile Roid is trolling Mikumo by saying “Rudanjal Rom Mayan” and stopping her from doing anything. Mikumo starts singing a weird song and everyone is able to hear it… Also Freyja´s Skin is starting to get dry, like the old Windermeran people…


… Fan Service time for everybody! Man and Woman! Everyone starts feeling the song and gets naked (not actually naked; but in astral form naked). The song ends and a weird structure appear at the top of the Protoculture ruins.

The things start going south for our Heroes and they decides to abort the mission and leave, having Mikumo behind… A Freyja who is an step closer to die by natural meanings and a seriously damaged Makina.


The post credits scene is one of Mikumo, she is crying, and Roid tells her that her singing will resonate in all the Galaxy.

Man what a chapter this was! It makes me believe that we might not be close to the ending, since one would think that the big fight will continue until well, it´s all over… And yeah, I know that the series is a 26 chapters one, still now I am curious to know what will happen in the few chapters we have left… Since i don´t know how it will end and how they will fill in everything!

In any case, the next entry will be in 2 weeks, more or less, and it will probably be the last one. So See ya next time with the big finale! Talking about that, do you guys want something special for the end of Macross Delta? Like what we did with Berserk Last Week? Something different? or just the usual? In any case, See ya next time!