We have passed 21 chapters as of right now. And we are on the final line before the Stride Gate Arc begins! So let´s check put what has happened since chapter 12!

Ace Identity revealed

As some people figured it out earlier. Ace´s identity is none other than Am Chou, the member of Rumy Labyrinth. Her reasoning are what looks like to found a way to awaken her parents´who are in a coma, for quite some years now.

A thing that I found fascinating about all of this is how diverse emotions this Character can make me feel. I mean like Am, her character and everything. But I Despise Ace with passion! And that I could confirm on this weeks chapter when Am used both personalities of her. As Am and as Ace! Also I liked the way that Shion got the truth at the same time as ours, making it his reactions and the way he knows deals with Am more natural.

Every branch has been conquered!


Since Try3 goal was not to only become Generation Masters. But overcome every branch. Now they have done it! And man was truly a wild road. With some excellents quest (Zoo Branch and Star Gate Branch) with some truly bad ones (United Sanctuary).

I mean, the United Sanctuary was the king of Hype since we will be seeing Ren Suzugamori and AL4 Foo Fighters again! They where the enemies on the first season of the original Anime, and man they were tough! So the expectations where truly high… Sadly the fight wasn´t as good as it could have been since the fight was somewhat boring and with weird rules where Kyou and Asaka obviously couldn´t give all of themselves in the fight and see them shine, and the final fight against Ren also could have been waaay better. And no matter how hot Asaka got with the pass of the years… That wasn´t enough to compensate this fight.


On the positive. One of my favorite fights was the one where Chrono fought against Ibuki. Where Ibuki tried to lecture him saying how immature he was and such. It was specially good, because Chrono decided to tell Ibuki some bad realities, like how Ibuki tries everyone, how he made plans to him , which he never asked, and he never tells him whats going on how in the whole first season he acted like a Stalker. Man! Those things truly got under Ibuki´s Skin! Specially when it came about the age since Chrono called him Old Man! Which Ibuki responded yelling his age…And Chrono just said <<That´s why I called you Old Man!>> Also the fight was truly good with lots of ups and downs!

And now there is an invitation made only for Try3!

Shouma is Back!


Shinonome Shouma. One of the best nemesis in the whole Vanguard series. He made his debut on the past season as Shion´s Rival. And man this person truly made our Royal Paladin sweat!

Shouma was not only a good fighter, but also someone who could truly use the psychological warfare to his advantage. He can look calm and caring, but in truth he is more rotten than anything!...Also he freaks me out.

I remember quite well how his objective on the past season was to “ Take Shion to a paradise of Desperation, and in there he will become his Guardian Angel”… But now it looks like he is helping Ryozu to fulfill his ambitions.


More Light on Ryozu´s Plan.

While Ryozu´s Objectives are still unclear, we have some light on how the main antagonist is doing it´s things.


- The G Quest was a trap in order to lure a lot of fighters to the Branches were some machines that draws the stride force are there. This was put without the knowledge of the Branch Chiefs.

-Every Fica thing has a little Stride force sucking thing in there.

- On various locations through the city there are some machines that gather all the stride force gathered and send them to Ryozu.


- Ryozu uses such force in order to bring Gear Chronicle units who look like the Chinese Horoscope creatures.

- He has his eyes to Am in order to fulfill some role, but now it looks like Luna might be more suitable for that endeavor.

While this are some part of the puzzle. And his reasons to do what he is doing are still unclear. We already know how he is doing his things.


GIRS Crisis Plan!

Plan G…The plan that Ibuki set in motion in order to stop Ryozu´s ambitions… The details of such plan are still a mystery. But we know that part of it involved bringing the veteran Fighters of the Original series and make them fight Try3 as some sort of test to our Main Characters. Also it was revealed to us , thanks to Ren, that when the G Quest has passed…The Plang Will move to it´s second phase…GIRS Crisis.


Now we don´t now what Ibuki means with that. But we do know that GIRS is the holographic system used to fight. So it could as well have something to do with it.

Chrono´s Motivations.


Chrono, our Main Character, on this season he has been a more or less forced motivation regarding the Depend Cards and the whole “bring more creatures” thing…Since he is as ignorant as us about a lot of things…He just feels he has to do it in order to stop that Ryozu Guy. Still, one thing that the Bushiroad people did good was how he dealt with the whole family thing. Since her Aunt/ Adoptive Mother Mikuru was really concerned when Shin told her what little he knew about all. And the chapter dedicated to that, on how Chrono had to choose between the creatures that helped him to open his world. Or the only Mother he has ever met, who in truth loves him dearly might be in danger if Chrono continues that path.

Obviously our Main Character choose to grab and protect both things. He will protect Gear Chronicle and will protect his family!


In short this has been the most important events that have happened in Cardfight!! Vanguard G: GIRS Crisis. Do you think I missed something?! Let me know in the comments!