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2017 Anime Advent Calendar - December 31st

“A journey from which you can never return. Treasures that you can never again acquire. Your very life, which once lost will never be restored. Nearly all things in this world will never go back to the way they once were. Understanding that, people still continue, even today, to get up and take another step forward. Spurred on by the thought of viewing a landscape they’ve never seen before, they keep on walking... A longing for the unknown, you see, is something not a single soul is capable of stopping.”

Summer 2017 - Made in Abyss



A Look Back at the Music - Opening Theme:

Interview with Made in Abyss Composer Kevin Penkin:

The Making of MiA’s Soundtrack:

MiA’s Full OST:


A Look Back at the Show - An Interview with Akihito Tsukushi, the Creator:


Clip - The end of Episode 13 (Spoilers):

The Full Map of the Abyss:



A Look Back at the Fans - DIY White Whistle:


ShadowHaken’s Weekly Reviews:


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