The final battle against the Apostles has come; will this be a victory for our Heroes or only a prologue for a much, much bigger tragedy?! Let us check it out!

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Chapter 16

A very good chapter! This time was the time for Shion and Jaime duo to fight! They have been searching all around the world and now they have found an Apostle´s base so they will go and fight!

The place was very lonely , until they find Valeos, who was more focused on wanting to face Jaime; but ultimately the one who will be his opponent is Shion, the heir of Fides will.


The fight was quite well done and we got to see why Valeos became a follower of Gyze… Which it sort of reminded me to the HP Lovecraftian encounters with the unknown (not a 100%; but yes, to some degree) since when he found Valeos he felt, sorrow, desperation, sadness, pain…and joy, Joy of being in front of an absolute being, an absolute power, one that he would follow to hell and back.

Still, in the end Shion was able to win and even to rebuild Fides, since Fides will was never in the sword; but on the humanity, on the people who will fight against Gyze and will defend Earth!


In the end Valeos falls and even attempts to brutally murder Shion, although obviously he got kicked back to Cray before succeeding on it.

Chapter 17


This chapter was more of a transition one, Tokoha, Chrono and Shion have arrived where Rive Shindou, Chrono´s Dad, is and at first Chrono was a little weird in seeing his Dad again, although while he wasn´t able to talk and be up front to his Dad he is able to reconnect with him in a way by playing Vanguard.

After that, Try3 goes to the place where Fides came, and how Rive is now the protector of this place. At first Chrono tried to connect to Cray alone; but wasn´t able to, so both Tokoha and Shion helps him and… They sort of succeed.


They enter in an imaginary state between the dimensions and after some goofing around they connect with ChronoDran, Ahsha and Altmile… At the same time ChronoDran says that the 12 Zodiac Beast have decided to entrust the future to Try3 that they must be the ones who are destined to defeat Gyze, like how Messiah did it in the past.

In the end Chrono wins back his G4 cards and got a new version of ChronoDran and Chrono Jet Dragon.


Chapter 18

The Apostles have found the base of the good guys, where Kazumi, Q4 and the members of the team Neo Nippon, they are searching for the other Zeroth Dragon Cards since in order to destroy everything, Gyze (now in the body of Kazuma) needs the Zeroth Dragon Cards.


Knowing that, has made all this preparations to lure them here and defeat them once and for all!

Dark Face starts destroying everything and amidst the chaos he injects a virus on the software there. Then he goes and fight against Mizaki. At the same time Kazumi is going to fight Kazuma while Chaos Breaker is going to fight against Aichi and Kai in a tag match!


The chapter focused on the fight between Dark Face and Mizaki. Dark Face has a deep hatred on Q4 so Mizaki will be a good first sacrifice for him, and a vengeance for his Queen! In the end Mizaki is able to defeat Dark Face and force him to go back to Cray! The first battle has been won; but the most powerful of the enemies are still out there…

Chapter 19


An amazing chapter about the fight between Chaos Breaker against Kai and Aichi, the last Apostle reveals that he decided to face the two of them as some sort of revenge for what they did back in the Link Joker and Legion Mate arcs back at the original anime series. Still, what he wants is to use their souls to feel desperation and be feed to Gyze, to see their desperate faces while Gyze destroy everything they love and when Gyze looks at the universe in satisfaction, he will destroy that face too.

At the same time Arata and Makoto from the Neo Nippon team are searching for a way to get to wherever Chaos Breaker, Aichi and Kai are. Of course, thanks to the power of friends to his friend Noah (Aka Chaos Breaker Diffrider) they get in there and even free for a little while Noah, who even after all this time doesn´t truly hate Chaos Breaker and even think he is kind of cool for always keep going even if there is no hope, so for that when he gets liberated he will show him how they won´t back down and will surpass and defeat Gyze.


In the end Aichi and Kai where able to defeat Chaos Breaker who before being sent to Cray, he ahs decided to sacrifice his soul in order to be used by the relics and be food for Gyze.

Gyze for his part, has everything he needs now, a vessel, a sacrifice and the Zeroth Dragon Cards; now his reawakening is unavoidable and Kazumi will be his first victim…


Chapter 20

An amazing chapter! I truly liked what it was presented to us this time around! The fight was between Kazumi against Gyze who has fully awakened, still Kazumi hasn´t lost hope on rescuing his little brother.


The movements of the fight where good and in the case of Gyze, his strategy had some real life results since when he used something to do with the Zeroth Dragons these monstrosities appeared in the real world, so yeah…

Still, even though Kazumi was able to do a good fight he wasn´t able to oppose Gyze who was able to appear on the battlefield alongside the Zeroth Dragons…And boy the effect he has are too overpowered! I mean one can´t attack zeroth Dragons or they can´t be affected by any effects of the opponents, the only thing one can do against those are blocking; at the same time at beginning of the next turn the opponent will receive damage equal as the same number of Zeroth Dragons on the field, therefore 5 damage points…Making it clear that one has only 1 turn to defeat Gyze if not… Well… Better luck next time.


Before losing Kazumi reflected on his past and how Kazuma was his first friend and how he was the only source of happiness for him in that house filled with rules and restrictions, and how he feel guilty and powerlessness when Kazuma and his Mom left the house. At the same time Kazuma he was able to see that Kazuma was still fighting against Gyze.

Meanwhile on the outside world…Gyze has appeared in front of all… And at the core of the Dragon Deity of Destruction…There was Kazuma.


End of the Chapters

Very good chapters, some better than others; but alla round good! Now on the story, now that Gyze has come back I will say it now... This arc needs to end by the end of March! I mean there is not much to explore, all there is left is the fight against Gyze since trying to streetchit out just to bring more chapters out would be a mistake, and it´s one that Vanguard did on the past with the infamous Legion Mate Arc where the story could have been told perfectly on 24 chapters; but got very streeched out to fill 40-something chapters if I remember well.

On the same note, this might be the end of the road for “Cardfight!! Vanguard G” series since this is the enemy that we got to know as “VOid” back in the originals eries, so there is not much left!; still most likely this si not the end for the anime franchise based on this Trading Card Game.


Anyway That is all So See ya in 5 or so chapters!