So, I was originally supposed to be on the road today with my wife and son to my in-laws for Christmas vacation. We’re actually holding off leaving until tomorrow due to a whole bunch of snow happening on our route today and tomorrow.

As stressful as figuring out when the best/’safest’ time to leave is (and changing our hotel reservation twice), it’s probably for the best, as I caught a cold that undoubtedly my darling 7 year old son brought home from some classmate or other.

If only. If only.

So, I need to work more on my 12 Days of AniTAY posts to get ahead for the road travel. Unfortunately, this is how I feel:

Sadly, despite all the congestion (the sinuses by my right ear hurt like hell), this is actually an improvement.


It started Friday with a bit of a scratchy throat.


Yesterday escalated to sinuses and general achiness, and then in the afternoon, the shivering:


And then after going to bed early, at some point, I nearly exploded with a hot flash and sweat...

I can hope?

...which of course, didn’t help with the fact that I was still cold, and now my shirt was damp all over. I toughed it out long enough to change it, and I’m mostly over those, but still a little colder than I probably should be.

And I’m still full of snot.

So, I’m hoping that at its current rate, this’ll clear up enough that I’m not totally miserable over the next 2 days of driving. And in the meantime, I’m making a little hay by using this to post images of cute anime girls being sick.

So, let’s open it up - what are your favorite “anime character gets sick” scenes?

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