We are back to check the latest 3 episodes of Macross Delta! Man this 3 weeks can be summarized in 4 words: Hayato and Freyja Shipping. Of course there were other things also. In anycase let us check it with more detail!

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Chapter 16

The chapter starts with the last scene of the past chapter.

After that Mikumo explains her plan to use the Protoculture ruins and give them something of their own medicine! Or something like that, also Mikumo detected something about the Wind Singer…

After that, we can see that Freyja is working in the Restaurant with the China dress (give me moar of these throwbacks! :P). Mirage, Chuck, Makina and Reina are saying that Freyja is giving her all, this maybe it because she is trying to get herself occupied so she won´t think of the past events.


In any case Makina has something for her…A surprise birthday party! So everyone will have to go and get her a present.

Later we can see that Mirage and Hayato went to buy Freyja´s present together and Chuck plus Makina and Reina are watching the thing since they are shipping them now!


Meanwhile Arad is talking with the guy they rescued…And everything points that Hayato´s dad was the one who dropped da Bomb!

Back on the quest for presents, Mirage asks some questions regarding how Hayato feels for Freyja? Is she a love interest, a friend? Or what?! Hayato doesn´t give her a clear answer.

After that Hayato treats her to some ice cream and Mirage speaks about the fact that in Windermere there are snow, always snow.


Some things happens in Winderemere, BTW, it seems that Heinz has took very seriously about taking the entire galaxy as fastest as possible!

Later the party starts and Freyja is impressed, mostly because she forgot since her reminder was the mayor who always told her to get married already!


Freyja is very happy and everyone, excepts Hayato who is MIA.

Freyja tells her story that thanks to the Eartling music she could feel happy, even though her Mom and Dad have gone with the wind…

After that Hayato appears and he has brought his present!


Snow! Artificial; but snow nonetheless! Everyone is very happy and impressed with that!

Hayato and Freyja have a big bonding moment (alongside a heart warming song)… In the distance, Mirage sees the scene and starts crying, she wonders why…

Man, as a “Mirayato” Shipper this chapter was a full punch to our ship! Still this ship wonpt stop until the bitter end!


There it is to say that this chapter will make, in that sense, that both Freyja and Mirage will realize her feelings for Hayato, also that maybe in a sense Mirage has declared herself the loser against her love rival; still I believe that in a moment she will confess to Hayato since she is too upfront in some things!

Still, it was a nice chater, although the emotional scenes (with the exception of the last one) weren´t very powerful, still I enjoyed this chapter for what it was!

Chapter 17


The Chapter starts with a monologue by Roid were in a fast and brief way says about the war they had and that they had won, and now they are the governors of the Starwind Sector; still… the Windermere have a curse, their brief lives, so it make us see that he is trying to get a way to extend their lives by using the Protoculture Ruins.

The next scene is one where we can see that the Sky Knights are preparing themselves to fight the Unified Government and Borgues is quite hyped for that! Although the older ones (whose names I don´t remember) aren´t so excited and even have suspects that Roid must be lying about the “will of the past King” since no one else heard him saying it or anything…

Meanwhile Roid is analyzing the songs of Walkure and the guy from Epsilon comes in, he has also investigating them, on any case they are near to finish the investigating the Protoculture Ruins.


Meanwhile our Heroes are planning to go back to Voldor since they have a mole in there and all… Also they have other plan which includes…

Music and microtransactions!

Walkure will perform a Digital event that everyone will see; at the same time a virus that do something is spreading, also Makina will be giving some hot pics to increase the “Dickculture” at cheap prices. Awesome!


At the same time we get to see that Fryja already has fallen in love with Hayato, thing that greatly discomforts Mirage who only see in the distance such things.

Also we get to see that Mikumo doesn´t remember anything of her past, other than her urge to sing, also that her singing is more “fluffy” now. Oh and Hayato feels weir when he hears Freyja song.

Some shipping later between Freyja and Hayate, we can see that even the Windermereans are enjoying the show, and Borgues catches them who… Gets the weirdest boner for Reina, he tries to turn it off all blushed; but gives lots and lots of money instead! Still…It isn´t enough for our green Haired idol so Borgues won´t have a peek of her!


I have to say that this scene made me laugh more than it should!...Also shipping now!! :P Also threw me some memories with the Zentraedis :P

After that we get to know what everyone already suspected; Hayate´s Dad was the one who dropped the bomb who also killed lots of people in both sides, including his own team mates, that doesn´t sit well with Hayato and even Frejya feels disgruntled with that.


Chuck and Mirage talk a little about it.

In the end the Captain says something about Hayate´s Dad, how he was an Oddball and that liked to play with the Kids, so it´s weird he would have done a Genocide…

Finally, the Delta Platoon are going to Voldor in order to protect Walkure who will try to activate the Protoculture Ruins! Hayate in there get to know that still Chuck and Mirage are with him and are supporting him.


This was a Musical Chapter! While the progression wasn´t as good, it had lots and lots of nice and funny moments! Also there were some new songs too…Which make me believe this was more as a teaser for the upcoming Macross Delta/Walkure Music Cd! :P

Chapter 18


Delta Platoon and Walkure are at Voldor, and thanks to the Protoculture ruins the weather has changed, still the map is the same though; the plan is to activate somethings and the Walkure will give a concert in order to activate such ruins.

Suddenly they get notified that Windermerean forces has appeared!

The Sky Knights will divide in 2 groups, it seems they want to activate the ruins too. One of the older ones is concerned since this could be dangerous for the habitants of this planet; also Keith showed some concern since this is Roid´s doing and Heinz has nothing to do with this.


Also we get to know that Hayate´s Dad was a superior of the Captain and that there is not much information of him, also the Captain it seems he has some secrets also.

There it is to say that There is some emotional distance between Hayate and Freyja after the past chapter´s events.


Suddenly Freyja separates from the group and is captured by Cassim, the guy who isn´t ok with what Roid is doing and now is thinking if he should keep being a Knight.

Both of them starts talking it seems they lived near each other. Eventually Hayate comes in and Cassim catches him quickly, then the trio starts talking, he tries to convince Freyja to return to Windermere, he can even help her so she comes back safely.

Obviously Freyja rejects such offer. We also get to know that for Cassim, living amongst Humans is hard and well…The fact that they live so little will be hard for everyone, the Windermere and the no Windermere people surrounding him.


Also we sought Cassim´s Son who will have 6 this year.

Hayate enters and says that even if that´s the case then one just should do every day the best day!...And for some reason the song “Best Day Ever” from Spongebob came to my mind :P


Meanwhile Mirage and Mikumo are investigating the ruins, suddenly some vision comes to Mikumo´s mind… This is the moment. Mikumo starts singing and everyone joins her; Cassim let go of Freyja and Hayate, although both of them will have no mercy with each other in the battlefield though.

The song continues and obviously the Sky Knights comes. So a Dog Fight starts! Borgues is trying to kill Reina for the embarrassment he felt a chapter ago; but Hayate protects Walkure! Now his Fold receptors are in sync with Freyja´s singing!


The fight continues and Heinz starts his singing! His singing looks to be more powerful than the Walkure Girls! Still Freyja and Mikumo won´t give up and… To put it short all hell break loose; both girls enters in a state were they are only singing because of it, can´t stop themselves!

The powers are so big that makes it react with every ruin in the cluster! Hayato is fighting and he gets the Var as well!

The Sky Knights are aging too with those marks on their bodies!

It´s not until they manage to Freyja to get unconscious and shut up. Still Mikumo keeps singing and her song is so powerful that even reaches Heinz. The singing ends and Mikumo falls unconscious…


Now I will theorize a little and will say that Hayato got Var´d because of Freyja, I mean she must have activated when she was in that state, no? I am saying it because as far as we know Freyja is not a wind singer, so she doesn´t have super powerful abilities in that regard; now Mikumo…There are even more mysteries with her, heck I start believing that she is not Human… She maybe is a Protoculture person! Also the ending made me think that she might be Dead right now…But I wanna think that not :P

In any case this was an excellent chapter indeed! And now the revelations are coming! I am 87% sure of it! For everything!

Anyway, that´s all for the moment. See ya in three or so weeks!