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Fans of Aniplex of America, PonyCan USA Flock to Amazon's New Anime Strike

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Many of us were shocked when Amazon launched Anime Strike, an anime service that costs $5 a month and is gated behind Amazon Prime. Nobody would actually pay for a service that - when combined with the price of Amazon Prime - costs $160 a year, right? That’s literally twice what Crunchyroll costs! But hoo boy, were we ever wrong! You see, they’re after a very different kind of market. We interviewed some Anime Strike subscribers to find out.


“I only want the best service, the greatest shows,” said Iam Veririch as he adjusted his “Make Anime Great Again” cap. “I pay over $300 to Aniplex USA for each season of anime on my shelf, but that’s not enough. I have so much money I don’t know what to do with it! Anime Strike gave me something to do with it. Tremendous!”

“If something doesn’t have an enormous price tag I’m just not satisfied,” said Justin Herited, “if a disc release costs $15 or more per episode it gives me such a rush! Anime Strike provides the same experience in streaming form.”


“Apologies for being late,” said Oh Joesahma as she sat down for our skype call and adjusted her frilly dress, “it took me an hour to find which room I left my laptop in desu wa! Thank you for agreeing to a skype call as it would have taken me longer to find the front door to my huge house desu wa!” When asked why she subscribed to Anime Strike she replied, “There’s finally a streaming service that caters directly to my demographic desu wa! I’m not one of those Crappyroll or Funkymation plebs - I’ve lined my shelves with every Aniplex and PonyCan USA release to date desu wa!” with a hand raised to her mouth she added, “OOOOOHOHOHOHOHO!”

“I even have a separate Amazon account without Prime that I use to order stuff,” Cash Isnoeishoo told us, “Why would I even use Prime’s free shipping when I can keep paying for the better shipping? It costs a lot, so it must be the best!”


One important question still remains: is Anime Strike actually profitable for Amazon? We got in touch with Amazon spokesperson Ima Lackey. Here’s what she had to say:

“We have about 500 subscribers which at our current price point covers all our costs and then some. With Sentai begging us to stream their shows like a spurned lover who will date anyone as long as they have no connection with their ex, we’re pretty much set. Everything’s going just according to keikaku. We wouldn’t die even if you killed us!”


So there you have it, folks. Anime Strike is doing just fine. Please excuse any swearing and sobbing you may hear from your fellow otaku in the coming weeks.

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