Food Wars(alt. Shokugeki no Soma) is one of those shows that is very unassuming when you first learn of it, and the heavy fanservice in some episodes can be a real turn off to some people. I can honestly say that neither of those two things have really changed between the first season and the second season although I did feel that the fanservice, while still very much present, was not quite as extreme as before. And I’ll say the thing that I did about the first episode: If you can force yourself past the fanservice and the premise, you will find one of the greatest anime you’ll ever watch. Just, please, start with the first season because the second season starts halfway through a story arc because the first season didn’t complete it.

The Story

The story of Food Wars: The Second Plate, picks up in the middle of the Autumn Elections story arc. The competition only gets tougher as Soma continues his march towards victory and the top, albeit with setbacks and new challenges to overcome.


That’s about the best explanation of the story I can give you without spoiling the outcome of that story arc. As I said, it starts about halfway through so if you haven’t seen the first season you should really go and do that. What I can say is that it was a great arc, but it was definitely rushed due to the thirteen episodes alotted to this season compared to the previous seasons 24 episodes. Pre-match prep scenes were skipped at times and even the actual cooking was rushed to get to the verdicts so that they could cover all of the matches. Although, that doesn’t mean that the food is any less appetizing. I wanted to eat everything I saw and I’m a very picky eater. I was salivating so badly that I had to grab something to eat to keep myself from drooling all over my desk.

The Autumn Elections take up most of this seasons runtime, but not all of it. The show caps off with the Stagiaire arc which is far shorter in comparison and wraps up by episode 13. While it would have been great if those last three episodes would have been devoted to expanding on the Autumn Elections arc, I don’t think that arc would have made as good of an ending as the Stagiaire arc. It was a far more relaxed affair and had a ton of character development for Soma and a few others. However, the way they capped it off gives me the impression that they don’t expect to produce a third season and that kind of depresses me. I mean, I guess it makes sense that they were sort of obligated to finish the Autumn Elections arc because they stopped in the middle of it last time, which would somewhat explain the shorter episode count. There’s more material that can be covered of course, but the story is still ongoing which means that it would eventually reach a point where no more could be made unless it went into filler territory. And unfortunately, Food Wars seems like a story that could go on for as long as the author wants it too. It clearly has a destination, even the anime makes that abundantly clear, but how long it takes to reach that goal is entirely up to the author. So at the moment a third season seems unlikely, but lets keep our fingers crossed that it, someday, appears.

The Art


See what I’m talking about when I say that I want to eat everything it shows me? I typically don’t eat fishm but that looks absolutely delicious. It makes my mouth water just looking at it. And you can expect that quality art every time you see food. It’s very consistent. The regular art of the series is also no different than it was in the first season, albeit more consistent because they didn’t have to stretch the budget.

The Sound

The second season reuses the soundtrack from the first season except with a few extra tracks I believe. I couldn’t really tell while watching because I was too absorbed in the cooking and desire to eat. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though because Food Wars does have a great soundtrack so hearing all those familiar tunes was a treat. In fact, none of the regular sound effects honestly changed either. Guess it beats redoing everything. It did get a new opening and ending though and they’re both great. I didn’t skip either of them a single time throughout the run.


The Verdict

Food Wars is a series that never fails to impress me in one way or another and its one that I wouldn’t mind watching for years to come. Sadly, that doesn’t seem possible at the moment due to the fact that the story is still ongoing and the anime is likely to, at least, go on hiatus to let the story go further. However, the two seasons we have of Food Wars are great and the fact that there is more to the story shouldn’t deter you from watching them. If the fanservice is your problem, I say get over it and watch anyway.