Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the second season of the AniTAY Fantasy League! This season we had a larger turnout of participants, with 3 separate leagues. Get ready to talk anime, stats, and (most importantly) trash!

For those who don’t know how a fantasy league works, here’s a brief explanation. Each person in a league used a random number generator to determine the order that people get to pick shows to be on their “team.” After the order is determined, people start picking shows and we go until everyone has 8 shows. Then we calculate each person’s score based on the sum of the MAL scores for the shows they picked.


Unfortunately, there have been not just one, but two earthquakes in Japan this past week. As we hope for the best in terms of real world damages and disaster recovery, this does mean that some shows have not aired their second, or even first, episode due to news coverage in their time slots.

In the following graphics, everything is fairly self-explanatory, with the exception being “power” ratings. Power is a measurement of an individual’s score compared to the average score for that season (a power rating greater than 1 means that person is doing better than the average score across all leagues). This statistic won’t be immediately useful, but will be an easy way to gauge how each individual performs in regards to the average of each season they take part in our AniTAY Fantasy League.

League 1


Kinksy and Dec are off to a strong start, with a good amount of separation between the next few contenders. Stanlick is still missing Sinbad due to the delayed air time, but if it gets a 7.71 or higher, he can make it to first place. Nan is... a bit behind. I’m still hoping he gets the biggest stealth win ever though.

League 2


Proton somehow manages to start the season in the lead, but that will soon change, I’m sure. There has to be some foul play in how far Tonkatsu has fallen, and I’ll bet he is the cause. Grex is still missing Sinbad as well, which is really dragging his score down, but it looks like he may be able to cling to the life raft of his score - JoJo’s. While not as close an overall spread as League 1, the individual placements are much more competitive, with 2 of them being roughly a 1 point separation and 2 around a .2 point separation. This should make the league an interesting one to watch as participants jockey for positions.

League 3


League 3, similar to League 2, has some very close competitions between spots on the lower end of the spectrum while Rock and Pizza are pretty set in their lead with solid rosters. As a conspiracy theorist, I am currently preparing for Rock(s) to fall and everyone dying. I suggest you reserve your spot in a vault now.

Overall Comparison


For quick reference, this overall comparison table contains all the important numbers, showing who will be deemed worthy when the otaku eugenics movement sets in and who has shit taste. (It also points out that League 1 is the weakest and 3 is the strongest, so once Sinbad airs and Grex, Messy, and Stan gets their points, it looks like Nan will be in dead last.

Remember what’s at stake here in this “friendly” competition of ours - the winner of each League gets to pick one show that the loser of their League has to watch. Good luck out there, and may the unforgiving currents of MAL somehow smile upon you with reasonable scores. It’s not like they wanted to give you points or anything, b-b-baka.


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