Breaking News: Baccano Greenlit For Further Seasons

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With Durarara!! finally over after six years of filling out whiteboards and journals to keep track of what the hell was going on, Studio Brian’s Base has announced that they’re resurrecting Ryogo Narita’s previous work Baccano!, and will adapt the currently ongoing series, sticking with it until the source material ends, and promising no filler, nor anime original content. A studio spokesperson was quoted:

Shit, we made a fucking mint with all of that Durarara merch that came out of this, why not go back to something that’s still being written? Hell, there’s over a decade of material to adapt now! Over 20 volumes and counting; we’ll never run out!


No word on whether or not anyone’s told the studio that the last volume came out in 2013, or if anyone’s wanted to tell them otherwise. A rough date for the new season airing was given at Summer of 2017, the same time as the third season for Log Horizon, and the sequal series for FLCL, Full Metal Panic, and the hotly anticipated movie Digimon Adventure Quad.

And in other news, the Xbox One continues to outsell the PS4 by twelve to one margins...

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