Now that we’re a few weeks into the new season, it’s time to start up the AniTAY collaboration for our favorite article type, the shows you should be watching series. interested in being a part of this? Read on.

The same rules and instructions exist for this collab as the last one (and a lot of it is much copied and pasted from dex’s post):

All communication must take place on Skype, barring special cases (you need to clear it with me). It’s far more enjoyable to be part of these discussions in real time. Be aware that a Microsoft account can be used for Skype. The biggest thing you need to do to get into the collaboration is promptly contact me on Skype (skype:rockmandash12) and be sure to tell me who you are when you do (Skype has rather weird people sending out requests... so... yeah).

Layout of the Collab:

There will be three rounds of show selection. The first round will be an open vote to determine the shows of the season that we should be watching. The exact number of shows that make it is up to me. The second round will be a rapid-fire discussion where we discuss the merits of each show by order of number of votes received. The third round will be a brief time (one/two days) where any show that didn’t make the cut can be resubmitted by any member of the collaboration (if you really think we need to add it, either because it was missed in the first round or we’re all just terrible people who didn’t vote for it). Again, most of this will be at my discretion.

Most discussion will take place asynchronously: which is to say that the discussions will start with whoever is currently on starting the arguments and the arguments will remain open for at least a day afterward.


Other items returning are thus:

  • The jobs between writing each synopsis and “why you should be watching segment” will be split between the collaborators. There are lots of people with different opinions and lots to do, so this is necessary so everyone interested to participate.
  • Things have changed since dex ran these, so there will probably be no overlord ruling it since the start, but there will still be some level of control. Whoever does take it over will make spelling/grammar edits, be the final gatekeeper on which shows eventually are allowed through and will control how the article looks in the end. It’s a necessary evil to make sure that we actually get things done and everything works well, as the previous collaborators will probably attest to.


And that’s it. Remember to express interest here and make yourself available on Skype and contact me (“rockmandash12”, you’ll know it’s me because I have the same avatar there as I do here).

The key is contacting me on Skype. If you do that then it confirms you’re willing to do a bit of work. If I don’t get back to you promptly, try messaging me again. I may be busy or miss things.