Welp, today I made a trip to amazon.co.uk and lo and behold I have found the insanity that is UK pricing. Garden of Sinners 8 film dvd set for ~$95 instead of scalper BS? ADD TO CART. Fate/Zero Blu-Rays for ~$47 each instead of $150 each? ADD TO CART. Bakemonogatari Blu-Ray for ~$70 instead of $200?


Just know you’ll have to mess with you drives’ settings in order for them to read your new UK disks (to the loss of not being able to read your old US ones). I’d just recommend getting a native UK player. You’ll still end up saving money in the long run by doing so.

Update 1: You may also want to check this out before trying to watch UK Blu-Rays/DVDs on your TV’s video player. Thanks Ellen~.

Update 2: Thanks to other conversations on here, I also found a UK Blu-Ray player (~$90) for you guys that want to watch stuff on the big screen and have a bit of extra cash to spend.

Update 3: Removed “illegal” content and moved article to my blog for visible separation of my personal views and Ani-TAY’s as a whole.

Update 4: For those of you that want to watch UK video but want to do it on your computer without messing with your current drives, you can also get this internal or this external Blu-ray drive.