Title: Ideal White | Artist: Ayano Masashiro | Show: Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works

Ironically, I seem to have the most difficult time staying on top of posting these, especially considering how much of this stuff I listen to and such, so my apologies. This one is on time!

Anyways, Ideal White was the first single by 26 year-old Masashiro, and was most definitely a surprise last fall season. While not everyone was a big fan, I was impressed by the quality of her voice throughout the entire piece, Masashiro is a great power vocalist and her first single, at least, showcases this very well. Of course, it also helps that the show and thus the opening theme is animated by Ufotable, which makes the pretty music have some pretty visuals. I would link the mp3 to the full song, but Sony started distributing Masashiro’s work digitally in North America, so if you are interested in buying feel free to hit up sites such as iTunes.