Last week’s Art Club was awesome. There were some really well done submissions, along with a few absurd or funny ones, but in all, the turnout and the effort were great. Although everyone really did do a swell job, I did say that a winner had to be chosen, and as you can see from the header above I decided on k1216’s Kagura submission.

k1216, good work! Congratulations on victory, you receive 10 (ten) Ani-TAY points and a one-use date with Protonstorm. Try hard again next week; this gladiatorial bloodbath has only just begun. With prizes this good, only the best will come out on top.

Let’s go through some of the standouts, shall we?


Pita64 had a few good submissions, but this Totoro was my favourite.

This was definitely the best hand-sketch to come from Ascendant - Izanagi.


I’m not sure what The Messiah drew, but I totally see that raindrop happy face in the top right corner.

Protonstorm absolutely nailed that hair on Noa from Yamada-kun.


Can I say I’m not surprised that this is Novibear’s self-run workplace?

Watfen64 is much better than me at drawing.


Meridya made a few sketches on the 3DS, a feet few could accomplish.

Koda with some awesome Splatsunderes XD.


And finally Rockmandash and the true form of the Ani-TAY Blimp.

This Week’s Theme!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that wraps up last week’s submissions. Here comes the fun part.

I’m sure most of you are familiar with currently airing Assassination Classroom, but if you’re not, all you have to do is google, “Koro Sensei,” to recognize that he is an arising icon of modern anime. This week, your given theme to draw something that creatively incorporates Koro Sensei. He could be the focus, he could be in the background, you could merely use his smile; all that matters is that he’s in there somewhere. I’m deeming this battle, Fast Yellow Octopus. You have one week.


Here’s my simplistic take on the theme, though it’s not very creative. What can you guys come up with? How creative can you be?

Again, here are the rule:
-No nudity.
-No hateful content.
-Use your own work.

Good luck!

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