As we were working on our 15 Most Popular Anime of 2014, We started to think meta. We made quite a few lists, so wouldn't it be fun to list the Most popular anime lists on AniTAY? We thought it was a good idea, (and even if it's not, it's certainly interesting and fun to see) so here it is.

Honorable Mentions

While not the most popular lists, these are here because I liked them thus they are here. Also, here are a bunch I liked that I'm not dedicating a whole section to though.

Fruity's Miscellaneous Anime Awards of 2014!! (huzarr!)


Like I'll do this list without the funniest list of 2014... Seriously Fruity, keep up the great work! P.S.: Did you get the piece of parchment I sent via owl?

Top Ten Most Popular Ani-TAY "Top" Lists


It wouldn't be a meta list without including itself, right? This list is a list including all the awesome stuff of AniTAY in the past year, so of course it's awesome! We must go deeper...

Top 10

10. AniTAY's Top 15 Anime Openings of 2014 (~4,000)


Openings are an important part of anime to many anime fans, so this article gained a decent amount of traction, especially considering that it's at the end at the end of the year so it had less time in comparison to the others. All the songs on this list were based off of a poll Koda ran.

9. Koda's Winter 2014 Anime Season Awards (~5,500)


This one surprised me. No offence, but I totally forgot that it existed! .-.

During winter, Koda rated his favorite shows of the season and had categories like best animation and best romance. Personally, I'm annoyed that Nagi no Asukara isn't anywhere on this list, but that's just me.

8. Rockmandash's Top Ten Anime of 2014 (~8,000)


Hey! It's my list of my top shows of the year! It's pretty surprising that it's on the list because of the short amount of time that it's been up, but the article was one of the first Tops of the year for AniTAY, and it deviated quite a bit from other lists like Kotaku's, so maybe that's why it managed to get onto this list. Check it out! You won't regret it.

7. Series That Proves Anime Is Not for kids only (~9,000)


I.. totally forgot that this was a thing... again. (Not looking good for me .-.) Every now and then, Aestavalis shares over some polls done in japan, and this one got a lot of hits (and justifiably, because the list is pretty interesting).

6. Koda's Six More Winter 2014 Anime Worth Watching (~10,000)


Winter was an interesting time for AniTAY. It was a transitional period away from being a small tag on TAY to something a lot bigger, and nowhere was it more apparent than the 3 Worth Watching articles that came out at the time. This is Koda's list, and it probably deviates the most from the rest of the lists. (No Nagi though D: )

5. The Twelve Anime of Summer 2014 To Watch (~13,500)


The Top Anime of __ articles are pretty much a cornerstone in the way AniTAY is structured, so you really should have expected these here, and they're kinda the next few on this list, so yeah. Not much really here, but we did have the introduction to the Why you should NOT be watching section, and this one was quite a bit of fun to do.

4. The Top Ten Anime of Fall 2014 To Watch (~13,500)


I'm finding it kinda scary how close the numbers of these articles are. WHAT KIND OF WITCH CRAFT HAPPENED? /jk

This was a pretty great season, and if you haven't read this yet for some reason, check it out.

3. The Twelve Anime of Spring 2014 To Watch (~14,000)


Hey! I find it kinda odd that this was the most viewed out of our seasonal lists, but that's just how it is. (SHOCKING TRUTH!) This was the first one that we did, and looking back on it just reminds me of how differently it was structured.

2. Top Ten Anime that No One Saw (~21,000)


How ironic. The list about shows that nobody saw is one of the most viewed articles on AniTAY (If you are talking about the subblog itself, it is the most viewed article, above stuff like my "Dark & Serious" Anime article). There's a lot of great shows on this list, so if you have missed some of them (like Inari Kon Kon and Tonari no Seku Kun), you should definitely give it a shot.

1. Dex's Five Anime of Winter 2014 You Should Be Watching (~41,000)


Getting shared to Kotaku's main page really goes a long way, doesn't it. As a community, I'm pretty sure that most of us think that AniTAY has been growing quite a bit throughout the year, but there's no way we can beat the mindshare and viewership that Kotaku has. Also, this was just one of the 3 Winter 2014 lists that spawned, with Koda's at # 6 and poor fruity's is not here at all... so sad :(

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