Gonna be the Twin-Tail! is My Hype Show

Earlier today mdubs forced my hand by making a hype article, so naturally I have to hype my most anticipated show of the season. If you've ever seen Super Sentai or the American derivative Power Rangers, then this show might be for you. It's a parody show that pulls out all the comedy it can, even the odd stuff.


The show follows Souji Mitsuka on his first day of school when villains attack the city. They aren't here to destroy though, they're here to steal the twin-tails from the world. Souji, being a twin-tail fan, isn't going to have any of that. Using a device given to him by "Thousars", a mysterious scientist whom he encountered that day, he transforms into "Tailred" and stops them in their tracks.

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Twintails can best be described as a parody of the Super Sentai series at large. Several lines in the first episode sound like they've been straight up pulled from a number of the show's seasons and the whole first episode feels a great deal like the red ranger origin story in many of the shows. It audaciously uses fetishes (innocent ones like liking the twin-tail hairstyle) as the primary element of the plot. They even manage to justify all of this, at least as well as a Super Sentai show tends to justify itself.


It's very worth noting that the series composition is done by Naruhisa Arakawa, a man that has contributed to over 14 Super Sentai series, written the Super Sentai parody series Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger, and most recently wrote Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, the anniversary series for the series.

Basically, this guy knows what he's doing when it comes to parodying a Super Sentai show. By extension the guy knows how to parody a Power Rangers show.


What all this results in is an audacious show about fetishes, Super Sentai, and comedy, lots of comedy. I've called it Fetish Sentai Twintailranger for a reason. If you ever liked Super Sentai or Power Rangers, this show is built for you. So far it loves to mess with the underlying themes of those shows while keeping the conflict and tropes of the genre intact.

Basically: Twin-tail hype.

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