Now that everyone should be caught up with the anime of this season, given the guidance from The Twelve Anime of Summer 2014 To Watch and The Five Anime of Summer 2014 You Should Be Watching, the next direction to look is forward.

The Fall 2014 Anime season is right around the corner and our sequel selection this time around is unbelievable. In such a case, the best thing to do is to watch some of the prequels before the new entries start airing. "But where am I gonna find an organized guide to help me determine what prequels I should watch?" you may ask. Well, if you take a moment to glance down below, you'll find one.


Log Horizon Season 2

Genres: Virtual Reality MMO, Action, Adventure, Fantasy.

Log Horizon's Tagline Synopsis: 30000 people are trapped in a virtual reality MMO. How hard will it be for everyone to cope with their new lives? Is there even a way out? What's the easiest way to take over the world while they're stuck there?


Reasons to Watch the Series: Log Horizon takes a whole different approach to the "trapped in a virtual reality MMO" idea. Rather than focusing on the elements of survival, the protagonists throw their attention towards the sociopolitical and economic side of things. Don't worry, the fact that the characters take this stance doesn't mean that they bring along the typical bore that usually ensues.

As for action, there are many great scenes that replicate the sequences in an actual MMO. They involve, but are not limited to: brute force, magic, swords, bows, and a suitable amount of strategy.

You Will Love it if You:
-Are a fan of intelligent shows.
-Play an MMORPG.
-Like medieval and magic combat.


Series Progression:
First entry: Log Horizon (25 episodes).
Second entry: Log Horizon Season 2 (Airing Fall 2014).

-Watch all 25 episodes of the first season.
-Time required to catch up: 10.5 hours.
-This is not like SAO.
-Available in NA on Crunchyroll here.


Chaika -The Coffin Princess-: Avenging Battle

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen.

Chaika -The Coffin Princess-'s Tagline Synopsis: In a world that has just finished waging war, it's hard for a hired saboteur to find work. If the opportunity for work arises, you should just go with it. Now what if your mission is to collect all of the sliced up remains of the mad King that drove the world into war? And what if your employer is the daughter of the mad King whose goal is to supposedly hold a nice little funeral for her father?


Reasons to Watch the Series: This show does a great job at taking the original premise and building upon it throughout the first season. In other words, the show is constantly evolving while managing to stick to it's original goal, all while carefully building plot lines for the sequel. In addition, the protagonists are very likeable and are given sufficient back stories without revealing too many secrets.

Aside from the writing, you can expect good fight scenes with beautiful magic and swift swordplay.

You Will Love it if You:
-Like a rich story.
-Are a fan of magic.
-Regularly exclaim, "Shocking truth!"


Series Progression:
First entry: Chaika -The Coffin Princess- (12 episodes).
Second entry: Chaika -The Coffin Princess-: Avenging Battle (Airing Fall 2014).

-Watch all 12 episodes of the first season.
-Time required to catch up: 5 hours.
-Available in NA on Crunchyroll here.


Psycho-Pass 2

Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Detective, Psychological.

Psycho-Pass's Tagline Synopsis: The world is littered with thousands of order-keeping robots that scan your Psycho-Pass, a fluctuating number that dictates how likely you are to commit a crime. At any moment, for just one unstable thought, these robots could take you away. In a world like this, not even the special detectives are safe.


Reasons to Watch the Series: When it comes to the Police/Detective genre, Psycho-Pass is one of the best. To start out, the combat system is as unique as they come. If interesting combat rules are intriguing for you, don't miss out.

The story is thought out carefully, not missing any details. Plot lines intertwine, overlap, and eventually come to pinpointed conclusion. Every last ounce of the show's footage builds up the psychological thrill, and on occasion, it will spill it all out to immerse you.

You Will Love it if You:
-Are a fan of mysteries.
-Like psychological thrillers.
-Are looking for a conclusive ending.


Series Progression:
First entry: Psycho-Pass (22 Episodes) .
First entry re-edit: Psycho-Pass Re-edit (11 episodes).
Second entry: Psycho-Pass 2 (Airing Fall 2014).

Watch all 22 episodes of the first season's original edit. The Re-edit is the same show, but with 11, 45 minute episodes. The re-edit adds a few extra minutes of dialogue that is interesting, but makes more sense when watching the series for a second time, it is by no means necessary.
-Time required to catch up: 8.5 hours
-Available in NA on Funimation here and on Netfilx.


Mushishi Zoku Shou Part 2.

Genres: Adventure, Mystery, Fantasy, Historical, Slice of Life, Supernatural, Seinen.

Mushishi's Tagline Synopsis: Illness and death are two things that go hand-in-hand with the dark ages. In this era, people don't really know much about medicine. Who's to say that sickness is not caused by the supernatural? A Mushishi is a pseudo-doctor who cures people from illnesses caused by lifeforms that are on the borderline of existence.


Reasons to Watch the Series: All that needs to be said about this show is that it will entrance you into a state that you've never experienced before. The only addition to this is that if you don't have the patience for a slowly building story, you'll be bored for a while. Besides that, this series has been ranked on multiple occasions as one of the top ten anime of all time.

You Will Love it if You:
-Can tolerate a slow paced story.
-Are a fan of anime.

Series Progression:
First entry: Mushishi(26 episodes).
Special entry: Mushishi Special: Hihamukage (1 episode).
Second entry: Mushishi Zoku Shou (10 episodes).
Special entry: Mushishi Zoku Shou Special (1 episode).
Second entry part 2: Mushishi Zouh Part 2 (Airing Fall 2014).


-Watch all episodes including the specials. Everything is canon.
-Time required to catch up: 16.5 hours.
-The first season is available in NA on Funimation here.
-The second season and both specials are available in NA on Crunchyroll here.


Yowamushi Pedal: Grande Road

Genres: Sports, Comedy, Shounen.

Yowamushi Pedal's Tagline Synopsis: If someone claims that they're not good at sports, the last thing you would expect them to say is, "I bike 90km to Akiba and back every day." When the Bike Racing Club discovers that one otaku at their school is doing just that, they instantly become interested in this special character.


Reasons to Watch the Series: If you are a sports anime fan, this series is a must-watch. It packs the same excitement and passion that all good sports anime are known for. If you have never tried a sports anime, this is the one to start out on. Assuming that you're not fond of sports in real life, you'll immediately relate to the main protagonist, neither is he. The show is ultimately a well thought out growth story where bicycles just happen to be the medium.

You Will Love it if You:
-Are a current or prospective fan of sports anime.
-Like racing.
-Like insanely tense moments.

Series Progression:
First entry: Yowamushi Pedal (38 episodes).
Second entry: Yowamushi Pedal:Grande Road (Airing Fall 2014).


-Watch all 38 episodes of the first season.
-Time required to catch up: 15 hours
- Available in NA on Crunchyroll here.


Selector Spread WIXOSS

Genres: Psychological, Game.

WIXOSS's Tagline Synopsis: Card battles are all fun and games until someone's life is on the line. When a new card game arises, a handful of lucky girls receive a card with a live avatar inside. If the holder of an avatar card wins enough battles, they are granted one wish. Amazing as this may seem, this situation could easily succumb to darkness.


Reasons to Watch the Series: This show is surprisingly dark, hence its R rating. It's not at all what you would expect from a card game show with an all-girl cast. Don't let the fact that this show revolves around a card game turn you away either. The show honestly does not expand into the actual card game much at all. They could have substituted cards with rock/paper/scissors, and as long as the story was the same, it would be the same show. If you're looking for a card game show, you will be disappointed. But with all this extra time saved by not expanding on the game itself, more time can be spent adding to the show's immense psychological storyline.

You Will Love it if You:
-Are a fan of dark stories.
-Are not looking for the actual card game aspect from the show.
-Can make it past the half way point of the first season.

Series Progression:
First entry: Selector Infected WIXOSS (12 episodes).
Second entry: Selector Spread WIXOSS (Airing Fall 2014).


Watch all 12 episodes of the first season.
- Time required to catch up: 5 hours.
- Available in NA on Funimation here.


Fate/stay night2014

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Magic, Shounen, Supernatural.

Fate's Tagline Synopsis: A tournament is being held in which the winner will be granted one wish, with no limits. The participants are seven of the world's finest magi, all chosen by a higher existence. Each mage is allowed to summon any one historical figure to join them in the battle, and the winner is declared when the other six historical figures have been killed.


Reasons to Watch the Series: Fate features a well planned, well laid out story that expands on the idea of this tournament. Viewers are met with amazingly defined characters with separate motives that will leave them split on who to cheer for. The characters and story are enhanced by immaculate dialogue that will also intensify multiple emotions along the way.

In terms of action, Fate displays the competition in a way that will cause viewers' jaws to drop. Each participant will need to overpower, outwit, and use his or her unique abilities as effectively and efficiently as possible in order to defeat any of the others.

You will love it if you:
-Like a deep, well explained story.
-Are a fan of magic and sword fights.
-Want to see historical figures fight each other.


Series Progression:
First entry: Fate/Zero (13 episodes).
First entry part 2: Fate/Zero 2nd Season (12 episodes).
Second entry route 1: Fate/stay night 2006 (24 episodes).
Second entry route 2: Fate/stay night2014 (Airing Fall 2014).
Second entry route 2 alternate adaptation: Fate/stay night: UBW (Movie).
Second entry route 3: Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel (Movie, air date TBD).

-It is advised that you do the following:
Only watch Fate/Zero 1 & 2 before watching Fate/stay night2014. Do not watch the movie, unless you want to spoil the entirety of Fate 2014. Save Fate/stay night 2006 for after you see Fate 2014. This viewing order will provide you with an objectively better view of Fate/stay night, however, it is ultimately your choice.
-Time required to catch up: 10.5 hours
-Time required to catch up with the addition of Fate/stay night 2006: 20 hours
-Fate/Zero is available in NA on Crunchyroll here.
-Fate/stay night 2006 is available in the US on Hulu here.

This list was made with the intent to influence people to watch the preceding shows. The content purposefully does not go into full detail of the shows, for it is not a review. This article is to be taken as a factual analysis that emphasizes on the unanimous good qualities of the shows.


This list does not include all of the sequels of the Fall 2014 season. It is made up of the higher standing sequels and sequels projected to have a regular simulcast.

As of Aug/27/14, the sequels not included in this list are the following:
- Aikatsu 3
- Gundam Build Fighters Try
- Buddy Complex

Written and organized by: SeanStan. Thanks for reading my very first solo article!


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