We are back on Chapter 15! Man these 3 weeks has been amazing regarding this show! we have got lots of action, lots of history and character development, ships and even fan service! One would think that one of them must be bad or not too well applied; but for me everything has be supreme and excellent on this three emotional and action filled chapters! So let´s check them out with mroe detail!

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Chapter 13

The chapter starts were the past one left off. Macros Elysion has found the enemy crew and our Heroes attack!

What they didn´t know is that the moment they came, the Windermere made the fold/tele transportation thing and warped to Ragna, their true objective. So now the battle will be on the planet and its atmosphere!

The battle continues. While Ragna forces aren´t good, they managed to damage a little the Windermere ship, so they can´t use the Wind song as of right now! The Alpha, Betta and Gamma Platoons appear and attacks! Meanwhile the Delta Platoon will keep the White Knight´s Squadron busy!

Meanwhile the NUNS guy has decided to use the Bomb on the ruins anyway, even though the civilian people haven´t been totally left the place. Delta will have to end the fight before the bomb activates!


The fight continues and Keith shows to be much better than our Delta Platoon guys! Walkure starts singing and the Windermere ship reaches where the protoculture ruins are…

In that moment the bomb explodes! Lots of lives are lost in the three groups there are: The Military, the Winderemere and Civilians.

The King is horrified by the acts of the Earthlings, to sacrifice their planet, and condemned to be unworthy of being the successors of the Protoculture!


The Nuns guy is basically looking as it was as expected the results and decides to leave… Suspicious…

The explosion reaches Hayate and his Valkyrie is destroyed! Still he manages to survive and Mirage grabs him. She goes to a safety place where the Walkure girls are.


Hayate hugs her and gives her hands…She blushes <3 Freyja is a little off with that. Still, she is happy that Hayate is safe and sound.

Back at the battle the Windermere ship is alright, so the royal family is A-Okay. It seems the explosion was absorbed or something.


Suddenly the Protoculture ruins starts appearing; but with a different appearance and not only that; but the Windermere ship is reacting to the Protoculture ruin! It seems that Windermere have won!

Now Heinz starts singing and the things go south very quick! Our Heroes will have to accept defeat and abandon the planet alongside some civilians who are safe now!

Hayate calms Freyja a little and basically Hayate says that he has high hopes on Walkure songs now!... Mirage gets a little uncomfortable looking at them bonding. Still Hayate is ready for the action and is ready to go back to the battle?! How if his plane got destroyed?!...Well, they have a spare

Messer´s ship!

Walkure starts singing again and the person whose var starts emerging gets controlled!


The battle starts once again and all the platoons are fighting to protect the civils! Delta is dealing with the White KnightSquad! Keith looks at Messer´s plane and says that Hayato is not worthy of it!

The fight continues and the things start to go south again for our Heroes! Heinz start singing again and Borgues go to attack Walkure! In the process Mikumo is injured! The Winderemere ship attacks them now! It seems that Walkure is done for!

Luckily Macross Elysion has appeared and they take the hit! Although the ship has gone to the water; still it protected our girls!


Freyja detects that the things are going bad at Hayate now! So she decides to put her life in danger in order to Hayate hear her song and so he becomes the ace pilot as he has demonstrated before!

The Opening song is hear BTW :P

Freyja becomes a flying girl thanks to her suit or something.

Hayato feels the wind again! The song is so strong that Keith,Heinz and even the King feel it! Hayate tries to grab her; but Keith doesn´t allow him! Mirage tells him that she will take care of Freyja, so Hayate only have to focus on flying...And defeating Keith!


The fight starts again! The shields of the Windermere ship are dissolved! The Var people are being calmed!

The Elysion reemerges from the sea and transforms into a robot! The final showdown between Master and Disciple will come! The Windermere ship shoots and hits the Elysion! Still the Elysion doesn´t flinch and attacks with his weapon damaging the enemy ship!


Hayate gets to awaken his flying skills again and he is able to defeat Keith! Still the White Knight managed to survive!

The Windermere ship has damages, the King is dead now, Keith and Heinz Father. Roid changes his glasses and now, as the King said in his will, he will be the Seneschal of Windermere!

Roid decides to focus on the Protoculture ruins rather than keep pursuing the enemy.


Our Heroes leaves Ragna alongside the Elysion and the Civilians… With a promise to come back one day and face the Windermerean, the new lords of the Starwind Sector.

First thing first…This chapter was amazing in all the extension of the world! From the fight, the twists how the battles develop, everything! One of the best anime chapters I have seen this season, if not in this whole year!

Also we got some shipping from both fronts: Freyja and Mirage (I still go for Mirage); still they truly are making it hard to predict with whom Hayate will be at the end of this! And I like that also since either if my ship “Mirayato” gets destroyed or not I know that in both cases (freyja or Mirage) is a good developed relationship between these characters and that´s something truly amazing, since they are doing it way better than other series where the Main Guy has several girls to choose from; but only can keep one (Shuffle).


This chapter is also the end of the first part of this series, still we need to see what more surprises the second act will brought us.

Chapter 14


The Chapter starts with Mikumo having a weird dream about singing with some tattoos and being naked in the space…Dreams, they are crazy, huh?

After that we can see that the Delta Platoon is helping with the reparations and we get to know that similar to the original Macross/Robotech the city will have some kind of symbiosis with the Macross Elysion in order to supplement them with energy and air. At the same time the Walkure girls are helping with what they can regard blankets, missing persons and food.

Gladly Chuck´s family survived and is inside the city, except the big sister who sacrificed herself… Still she is missing so she could as well be alive; we get to see that the situation is dire since the alliance is basically nonexistent now and the Elysion won´t get anymore funds, very probably, so they have to manage to get to a safe space with the limited resources they have.


In Ragna, meanwhile the Windermere are giving food and water to the civilians in there: Apples and water…You know, for the Var.

Meanwhile the human of the Unified Government who make the ruins go kaboom and then left is reporting that now that the Windermere has total control of the Cluster they can hear the wind´s song in all of it; although the effects aren´t as big as expected and that maybe it is because they haven´tdiscovered how to use the Protoculture ruins at full power. Also about something that could affect the Wind singer.

Meanwhile the Windermerean will have a crowning ceremony where Heinz will be the new King and the previous King will be buried in Windermere; at the same time Keith is badly injured and Borgues isn´t taking that very well.


Back at the Space city; Freyja, Hayato and Mirage are eating, Freyja felt a little depressed due to Chuck´s situation and Hayato decides to mess with her by eating some apple slice and in that way cheer her up, since that´s the thing with both of them, they like to mess with the other; Freyja gives her thanks to Mirage for saving her and after that all of the speak about how Ragna it is their home and they hope to go back to it soon.

We get to know a little more about Hayato´s dad who was a soldier and sent him random things with some letters that has vague notes and never told him where he was.

Suddenly the power goes out, one of the reactors isn´t serving well and there are only 28% energy left.


Suddenly a explosion occurs on the same area where our Heroes are and a little hole appears who is sucking the air and almost took Freyja, luckily she is able to escape alongside two cats. The people is frightened and worried, then Mikumo and the other Walkure girls appears and start singing in order to appease them, Freyja joins them too

The repairs are coming and due to the proximity Hayato and Mirage will have to work and help, they strip of their clothes for some reason and go to work!


…Also Mirage blushed <3

Chuck is helping with what he can too in order to connect some giant wires, also a plan that Makina and Reina made is in progress…I have a hunch what it is.


The thing seems that it is going to be Ok.

Suddenly another explosion occurs so they are obliged to conduct the operation of Macross Elysion and docking it with the city.

Also the communication channel of Mirage and Hayate has bad signal and the words that appear sounds more like if they were making babies (and hurried to do it and finish :P) rather than moving those valves!


Some slight fan service with Mirage and the fact that she has to hugh Hayato in order to hold him tighter and her Bo0bs being on his back later, the things get solved and the Macross ELysion docks in there, solving the air and energy problem!

Also the hole in the sky gets resolved thanks to science magic or something. Also thanks to Lady M they have a new contractor who will give them funds in order to buy fuel and things… They have a new mission: Take the Cluster back!


In the end everyone manages to see both Hayato and Mirage in their undies and hugged…Mirage gets red as a tomato!

A very nice chapter! I deeply enjoyed everything about it! From the history progression to the humour, shipping and character development! I loved how we get to see how the situation was with the Civilians. My only grip is that the solution came in a very Deus Ex Machina way; but it is only a minor thing and not something to get annoyed or anything!


Also those Mirage Fan service scenes <3

On any case, these last two chapters have been very good, if not excellent so far!

Chapter 15


The Chapter starts with the Windermere people, specifically Heinz, who said that he will keep doing what his Father started.

Later the Sky Knights are reunited with the exception of Borgues who went to see his family´s grave, where his Mom, Dad and brothers are buried.

The Sky Knights are saying that it is good that they can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel since this war it´s going to end soon, finally a rest after their wings were tainted in black and used coward tactics like Var. They also speak about their families, one of them went to visit his family since he had the chance, other made the promise that until the war is over he will forget his family (something that didn´t sit well with the first) and one of the twins (Theo) hasn´t go to see his Fiance yet.


Meanwhile Roid is in a limousine and goes to pick up Keith, who has lost an eye after being defeated by Hayato. In there they also speaks about the past when they fought in the independence war as mere children; also that Roid will keep going forward and wants Keith´s help, which he responds saying that if his goals are the best for Windermere then he will follow him.

Later the crowning ceremony starts and Heinz gives his respects and thanks to the Sky Knights, to Keith he ask him if he is willing to come in this new phase of his life as his Brother, since Heinz has always admired Keith…Thing that Keith refuses, Heinz sadly accepts and says that this will be the last time he acknowledges him as his Older Brother.


There it is to say that finally they have said what is the blood relationship with these 2, and is one quite simple. Keith is the son that the King had with a Concubine; while Heinz is with the official Wife, ergo the crowning Prince and the one who will be King. Some people even has said that Keith became a Knight in order to protect his Little brother though.

Back at the Space Citadel We can see that now the Walkure Girls will have to change their houses… Also that the meetings are endless and they have little to no progress, still Mikumo has a possible solution in how they can conquer the Cluster again…Since her dream told her something, that livid dream she had.


Suddenly all the channels are covered by the transmission of the Windermere Crowning Ceremony…Not so different as when the UK/Spanish countries change their Monarch :P

Anyway, Roid starts talking about what happened in the past…When the Unified Government tried to destroy them with a dimensional weapon…But now they have risen again and changed the wind! They show the video when the Unified Government send the dimensional bomb.

Roid finalizes saying that even if the Cluster is now theirs, the War will keep going! They won´t stop until all the Galaxy is freed from the Earthlings and the Unified Government! This is meet with a very mixed response, if not bad, since almost everyone was prepared for a time of peace from now on.


The new King Heinz says that he will keep pursuing his late Father legacy and objective so he approves this extended war against the Winderemere enemies! Heinz starts singing and all the Protoculture ruins starts taking the same form as the one in Ragna.

After the ceremony, the Unified Government had an army ready to fight Windermere … Needless to say such Army got wiped easily and it seems that Keith looses an eye; but won super amazing skills at flying! So he is now Keith on steroids or something like that!


We also get to know that the Windermere can make the Winds Song be heard not only in the Cluster; but on the whole Galaxy! Nasty!

Also we get to know that the Unified Government has tried to contact Roid in order to make some peace treats, thing that he has declined now.


This point is interesting since Roid some chapters ago was a peace advocate; but now he has changed his mentality almost totally! From someone who wanted to protect the Protoculture Ruins and Heinz has become someone who just wants to destroy the Earthlings and the Unified Government now! Still I believe there are more than we have get to know regarding this sudden change in attitude.

Finally the Delta Squadron is able to rescue a survivor who know the Captain Arad, he then gets to know that Hayate is the one who saved him… The survivor gets to ask why Arad has brought the Son of that Man?! Hayate is impressed to know that…


End of the chapter.

Ok, I will theorize that Hayate´s Dad was the one who drop the bomb in Windermere! Everything points to that…Or so I believe, well it´s a hunch more or less.

On any case, these past 3 chapters have been very good if not excellent in basically every regard so yeah, this end of the “first act” in Macross Delta has been amazing and the beginning of the second one has been very promising, especially regarding how the history keeps going forward with all the political stuff that truly makes it interesting, so much that I would even recommend it to a Gundam fan…Since Gundam is more or less about Space politics and all! :P

As final Question...What Openings do you like the best? The old ones or the new ones?


I like more the original Opening, even with the “let´s have fun inside of you” since the song i found it better and with better opening aniamtion; while this new one feels that was made very rushed since most parts are fragments of past Walkure singins escens; on the ending...I think i like the new one instead :P

Anyway, those are my thoughts as of right now and see ya at 3 or so Chapters!