We are at the beginning of the year and this is the first entry of this series for 2018! Banzai!! Now while the things looked good for our Heroes, little they knew that the new year will brought them one tragedy for everyone in general and Chrono in particular, so let´s check it out!

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Episode 11

The Christmas Chapter is here and Our Heroes are preparing a party and everyone is ready to have a good time! In the case of Ibuki, he is mentally preparing himself since he is going to dress like Santa and be the high surprise of the night… Until Gastille comes and ruins the mood.

The leader of the Apostles has come and has selected this holy day where it´s celebrated the birth of a Messiah in order to kill his mortal enemy… The Messiah!


Gastille has asked to his Deity for some power in order to annihilate his mortal enemy and his prayers has been heard! The battle begins and Ibuki soon finds that this is indeed a mortal battle, every time he gets damaged his heart gives him a lot of pain; so when this game is over he will surely die, of course, if he makes it to the end and doesn´t die for a heart attack before that… Obviously for that Ibuki is not having the time of his life.

Meanwhile Chrono got worried about Ibuki and went on his search while at the same time both Taiyou and Kazuma are worried that Chrono might become Gyze´s vessel since back on the Relics Prison they saw how something entered on his body.


Finally Chrono finds Ibuki and he is not in the best condition.

Episode 12


It´s a continuation of past chapter. Chrono, by looking the condition that Ibuki is, has entered the fray and will keep fighting against Gastille; The fight continues and Chrono , after battling so many times against Ibuki, has come to understand and make good use of Ibuki´s deck.

Meanwhile Taiyou, Kazuma, Tokoha and Shion start searching for Chrono while at the same time the later 2 gets the news from the first two about Chrono and Gyze.


In the end Chrono/Ibuki are able to defeat Gastille, whow as able to use his Zeroth Dragon, so the leader of the Apostles has been defeated and will come back to Cray, still he believes this is just another desire of his God, his mission has finalized by seeing that Chrono is suitable to be Gyze´s Vessel, so he can leave in peace and leaving Valeos the rest of the mission.

Episode 13


Valeos, Dark Face and Chaos Breaker have gathered and now are ready to catch Chrono and make him Gyze´s Vessel, still Chaos Breaker has some strategy to make that happens.

Meanwhile Chrono is being very protected by almost anybody including Kazumi Onimaru, while Taiyou and Kazuma feel a little out of place since they can´t do much for his friend, who just wants to end with this and regain the pleasure of playing Vanguard, without any world-threatening menace or something like that.

Suddenly Chaos Breaker appears and he challenges Kazuma, his plan was simple… Instead of searching for Chrono they will make him go for them, and that would be by kidnapping his friends.


During the fight, Chaos Breaker and the other Apostles looks that Kazuma is also a suitable Vessel for Gyze, so they quickly change of plans and decide to take Kazuma instead!

Chaos Breaker brings hi Zeroth Dragon and he defeats Kazuma, Chrono, who was able to enter the place where Kazuma and Chaos Breaker where, looks in horror how Kazuma got something inside of him… Gyze.


Episode 14

Kazuma has been possessed by Gyze and now Chrono has to fight against him and reclaim his friend!


The fight went normally at first, all of this while Taiyou explains to our Main Character what happened in the last chapter and how Kazuma ended up being Gyze´s Vessel. Soon enough Chrono finds himself trappled and unable to win, still his wish to save Kazuma and going back to peaceful days where they fight without any kind of decisive battle or the fate of anything at the line; plus goofing around and laughing a lot made him do the last sacrifice!

Chrono has decided to bring the Zeroth Dragon he grabbed from Gastille… Dusk! Chrono uses it and while he did some good moves, still he wasn´t able to defeat Gyze and therefore his future will be eaten.


Now Gyze has brought his Zeroth Dragon! The one from United Sanctuary! Valeos is overjoyed by this amazing coincidence… Since Kazuma is a United Sanctuary fighter, therefore this combination is natural… Now he knows that everything was a design from his deity.

Gyze defeats Chrono who looks how his G4 Cards burn to ashes while at the same time he is attacked by a Zeroth Dragon only being saved by Taiyou… Now Gyze has come back and the 3 Apostles: Valeos, Chaos Breaker and Dark Face are here to serve him.


Later, Chrono wakes up in a hospital and Kazumi was taking care of him; Chrono looks on his deck and there where no G4 Cards on it… All the possibilities he had open up for himself in the past are now erased…

Episode 15


A transition chapter more than anything; Tokoha and Mikuru (AKA Chrono´s hawt aunt) are taking care of him and we get to know that Chrono is Ok physically; although Taiyou it´s not so good right now, while the injuries he has aren´t life threatening, they are serious, so he will need to rest for a while, making clear that Team Striders is done for the time being.

In any case we also got to know that both Shion and Jaime are searching for all around the world in search of one of the Apostle´s headquarters, who has gone silent after getting Gyze back, at the same time it seems that getting a vessel for their God it´s not enough so they might need some other things like…The traces of Relics or the Zeroth Dragon, what Aichi though and no one listened or remembered; by the way Aichi has joined Misaki, Kamui and Kai… So all of Q4 has joined!


Back with Chrono, he and Kazumi are going to have a fight, even though Chrono doesn´t have G4 cards nor he can´t do Generation Guard or anything of that nature. The fight starts and well… Too put it short, Chrono is losing big time.

More important than the fight is that Chrono feels guilty for Kazuma´s destiny while the words of Gatsille comes to his mind, from that he could contain Gyze inside his body and imprison him there, or that Kazuma wanted to give something back to Chrono after he did so much for him; at the same time it seems that Kazuma wanted to be defeated by Chrono on the past chapter, thing that obviously he wasn´t able to do.

During the fight Chrono gets contacted by Chrono Dran who ask him if he didn´t wanted to make that first contact? Then Chrono starts remembering all, that thanks to that contact, he was able to meet Tokoha, Shion, Ibuki, Taiyou, Kamui and Kazuma… AT the same time he remembers his past fights against Kanzaki and Ryozu and how he always kept aiming forward no matter what. The end of the fight is left ambiguous; but we know that our Main Character has a new resolution.


In the end Tokoha and Mikuru gives him a flight ticket in order to reach a place where someone made a contact with a unit, maybe there he will get his G4 cards back. Meanwhile in another location on Earth… Chrono´s Dad is awaiting.

End of the Chapters

These Chapters have brought a lot of development on the story; plus it has given us a more powerful enemy, thing that was necessary since the Apostles where being defeated at an increasing speed, so yeah I am thankful that they have brought us this, at the same time now that Kazuma is the enemy, this will bring more drama for poor good Chrono, and it also sort of reminded me to the “Link Joker” season back on the original series, where Aichi had to fight Kai... Good memories!


Anyway That is all So See ya in 5 or so chapters!