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12 Days of AniTAY, 2019 Edition!

She is coming...

Hello, AniTAYers! It’s coming up on time again for those who are interested to do a “12 Days of Anime” challenge. You may remember seeing some of mine on TAY Prime last year, and I think some were cross-posted here. Well, this year, I’m looking forward to trying again, and posting them here. I hope they’ll be entertaining, thought-provoking, or at least decent enough that they don’t take away my authorship privileges ;p (j/k)


So, here’s the deal, blatantly stealing from my description of things last year:

TL;DR: There’s a post here (from last year), with the original details:

  • Make an initial post pre-Dec. 14th (that’s this one for me!)
  • From December 14th through December 25th, have one post per day related to anime (per the original, in theory it’s about shows you’ve watched this year, and each day is a different theme - watch me violate both of those! Feel free to do so yourself! ;D)

I’m hoping we can get more TAY/AniTAY folks to join in. Also, I’m totally gonna have to write some of these in advance due to holiday travel right near the start. At least I can schedule with Kinja...

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