We are at the Chapter 12 of Macross Delta! An Amazing journey filled with emotions, amazing battles and what it seems to be the prelude to an Epic showdown!!

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Chapter 10

The Chapter starts with someone from the Epsilon federation (I think?) he wants to see the King, and when he does he tells him that he offers to make some modifications to the Protoculture ruins in order to amplify them. Roi wasn´t comfortable with the idea; but the King allowed it anyway.

Meanwhile our Heroes are on the Jellyfish festival and Freyja, Makina, Reina, Chuck and the kiddos from the restaurant are selling jellyfish things… Freyja sings a song about waves and having kids while you are biting the dust or something like that…


…Anyway, continuing.

Meanwhile Mirage and Hayato are cooking some Jellyfish brochettes. They get to learn that this festival is for Lovers, Mirage Blushes (<3) and Freyja also…

Reina say some naughty things and stuff.

On any case, they get to know that Messer is leaving, he will be going to the Arad system…A more or less peaceful part where the Var outbreaks are little to non.


Meanwhile Messer is with the Captain Arad, they are talking about the Alpha Platoon. Messer regrets not having fully trained the Delta one though. On any case he feels a little guilty for being alive and all.

Later Messer is talking with Kaname; both of them get along and Kaname says that everyone will say their goodbyes tomorrow.


At the same time Makina, Reina, Freyja, Hayato and Mirage are talking that Messer loves Kaname and at the same time Kaname loves him back, although they haven´t confessed their feelings for the other.

So for some reason Makina puts to Hayato the mission to be cupid or something …SO of course Hayato decides to go with Messer, who strangely accepts his offer to hang out with him.

Meanwhile Arad and Ernest are drinking on the Macross and talking about the Protoculture ruins…It seems the ones in Ragna are useless… Meanwhile the ones in Al-Shahal can be used it seems.


Meanwhile Mikumo is swimming naked because it seems she likes to be naked in public spaces from time to time, very normal if you ask me :P

Continuing with Hayato and Messers, they have reunited with the other members of Walkure and Delta Platoon, except Mikumo and the Caps, Messer is talking with Kanade…Alone… On any case, we can see how both Freyja and Mirage are starting to have feelings for Hayato, and even feel a little jealous of each other, that is obvious when Hayato complimented Freyja, since she is having more fans and less people thinking she is a spy. One could see that Mirage was a little uncomfortable looking at that.


Kanade and Messer are talking, It seems Messer will only train now and won´t be on the battlefield anymore, although he will take his valkyrie with him.

Makina reveals that while her intentiosn is not to hook them up, it is that both of them had some good memories together.


Suddenly the lights goes off and the jellyfish goes to the surface and starts flying… They are laying their eggs or something. On any case it is very pretty.

Freyja and Mirage says that if they couldn´t sing or fly respectively to their hearts content; but living a long life…No it wouldn´t be worthy.

Meanwhile Messer shows his bracelet to Kaname, and the song, the one Kaname sings…Messer reveals that thanks to her and her song, he is alive now, he didn´t lose himself. He is very grateful for that.


The next day everyone gives their official good bye to Messer and he leaves.

Meanwhile at Windermere the Sky Knights are walking until they are stopped by Roi… He has brought 2 swords… He throws one at Keith.

Roi wants Heinz to rest, while Keith wants him to sing! A duel between Windermereans is going t begin!


Keith wins and Roi says that the life of Heinz is in danger…Still Keith is decided. Heinz appears and says that he has accepted his destiny. To sing and die…

Later on Al-Shahal. The song is heard and a Var outbreak begins. The ruins are even reacting to the song… Also the song can be heard even in other planets, making basically a huge problem.


Keith is searching for Messer…Too bad that his fighting buddy is not longer here.

Walkure song is heard in order to replicate the Var.

Walkure starts singing in front of the Protoculture ruins in Al-Shahal, the reaction is so strong that even Heinz feel them and detect them.


Suddenly a big light appears and Mikumo, Freyja are looking at some form of abyss. Heinz is thrown away (I will say he sought the same thing)

Both girls fall unconscious.

Both songs/Winds have stopped and now a Dog fight starts!

The Delta Platoon will have to fight the Sky Knights without Messer!

Delta Platoon is loosing this fight!

Borgues decides to let these weakling for later and kill Walkure!

Messer appears and protects them!

Keith is happy about that…

Messer asks Kaname to sing! One last time for him before he´s out for real!

Kaname starts singing and Messer is kicking everyone arses! He is with the Var, still he is able to control it! Keith and Messer are having a fierce fights! This clash of Beast is incredible!


Both fighters give their best. The White Knight Vs. The Grim Reaper!


A shot goes straight to Messer, his panel is filled with blood… Just like that, not emotive, just quick and crude…That was it. His Valkyrie clashes to the ground for the horror of both Delta Platoon and Walkure.


The Chapter ends.

I knew that Messer was going to die; but…Man, that was… I don´t have the words. It just happened! That is war for you I guess… Still it is very sad that he has to die this way, and he couldn´t even had the honor of beating the White Knight at least once.

A Truly great chapter indeed!

Chapter 11


The chapter starts with Messer´s Funeral services, where everyone of the crew is. Kaname is really sad.

Later. Makina, Reina and other scientist are having some test to Freyja, those tests are about what she and Mikumo saw. Mikumo steps in and she says that the Wind Singer managed to enter in the minds of both Girls.

Kaname is talking with the Captain and well… Both of them where close to Messer and both of them are managing it the best they can.


Meanwhile,Hayato and Mirage are watching Messer´s Valkyrie it´s in real bad shape the Mechanics discover that the shot Messer received go directly through his hearth… Bad Luck? No. This was on purpose. The White Knight knew what he was doing!

On Windermere, Keith will have to change his machine since his one is totally damaged, Borgues starts saying that the Grim Reaper was nothing and he sucked and… Well you know :P Keith menace Borgues, it seems he come to respect Messer.

Meanwhile Heinz is resting, remembering what he sought…Specially Freyja´s memories… Roi is concerned for his safety and says that they still doesn´t understand well the Protoculture ruins.


Roi goes to where the King is and basically they have found another Protoculture ruins that can be used…So they will have to go. Including the King, Roi is very concerned for both the King and Heinz, on any case the King can read Roi like a book. The King´s plan is to eliminate the menace that Walkure now represents.

Later Roi and Heinz are talking basically about how soft hearted Roi is. About a promise both of them did… To clean Windermere from it´s tainted past.


Meanwhile back at Ragna, more people are crying for Messer´s death. It seems he was already prepared for his decease.

Meanwhile Hayato and the others Delta Platoon are talking, it seems they are searching for a replacement right now. Hayato is a little insulted; but he can´t do much…He isn´t as good as Messer.

Meanwhile Freyja and the other Walkure Girls who aren´t called Mikumo are training…Running, with a tire…On the rain, oh well, they like to be healthy.


On another part. Ernest is talking with the Captain and it seems that looking at Windermere is trying to conquer certain planets with Protoculture Ruins, places that will basically left them cover all the Galaxy with their singing and dancing…Well, that last part not. Still they have a truly strategic point now and Heinz´s Music can be heard anywhere now… With the exception of 2 planets. Al Shahal and Ragna. If Winderemere conquers them then it´s game over. And because of that reinforcements are coming.

Meanwhile the Windermeran soldiers are preparing for a full attack. They will invade Al Shahal!! They go on a Protoculture ship BTW.


Back on Ragna. The crew is doing other Funeral Service to Messer…Now one more traditional to Ragna where they will sent him with the jellyfish in order to be reborn or something like that, on any case there is food and alcohol…So why not? :P

Mirage, Hayate and Freyja are having some regrets basically saying “What if I have done this/said this…” also the Captain was with that.

Suddenly the movers comes and brings a Tablet it is a flight log, where he checked basically every detail about Hayato, Mirage and Chuck.


Freyja says that he truly must have loved flying.

Also it seems he was cold and distant in order for his teammates to finish him if he ever looses control.


Finally they say their final goodbyes and … Mikumo appears singing. Freyja, Makina and Reina joins her. Hayato tells the Cap that yes, he was afraid; but not now… And that they don´t need a replacement because he will be as good as Messer and be covering his part!

Kaname finally joins them, Mikummo says that she and Messer shone brighter than anyone else that day. Kaname says also that Freyja is not her only rival, since there are people who enjoyed her singing too.

Finally, the Windermerean soldiers have reached Al Shahal. A battle is about to begin!


I have to say that this last part was truly feelings movers, the song and what the people said was truly bittersweet. A truly good bye for Messer! Now on Next week we will se what will happen in Al Shahal now.

Chapter 12


The Chapter starts with the invasion of Winderemere to Al-Shahal. The “Al-Shahalian” forces try their best; but Heinz singing is too powerful that even can make dimensional barriers. On any case, his singing resonates with the Protoculture Ruins and in less than 15 minutes they are already defeated.

Meanwhile Our Heroes where already getting prepared; but they were stoped by Ernest Jhonson who tells them about the news.

Later we see that every surviving force and military has reunited in Ragna, since this will be the next attack point that Windermere will use. In there we see get to know that the Wind Singer´s song debilitate him, since they never attack 24 hours after a Song.


Also that the ship that Windermere is using is a Proto Culture one.

So the plan is simple. Delta and Walkure will go to Al-Shahaal and return the territory to the Unified Government! A random soldier asks why not Windermere? Which the answer is that the planet is surrounded by the dimensional rift and the King is in Al-Shahaal, so it is a good opportunity to defeat their governor!

Delta and Walkure will go since they have a lot of resistance to the singing that brings the Var... Because they have heard lots and lots of Walkure...It´s not the best reason...But OK... Whatever means in order to put our Heroes on the spotlight :P


After the Reunion we get to know that Mirage has been promoted and now she is the second in command of the Delta Squadron. Very cool!, huh?

Later Heinz is talking with the King, who tells him to go to rest and that he did a good job.


Meanwhile Keith is talking with their ally (that Arabic-look like guy) regarding certain things with the Protoculture. Roid come sin and one can see the strife that both Keith and Roid have. Both of them talk (on another place) and Roid says that now that they have the upper hand, they can demonstrate to the whole Galaxy that they are the true inheritors of the Protoculture and can start making some peace negotiations with the Unified Government now. Keith is not interested in making the peace with such beings…Since he has only 1 idea. To kill every Earthling in the whole Galaxy, no matter if his life is short. He will kill those who tainted the Wind!

Meanwhile Freyja is thinking that maybe if the Wind Singer hears their song, maybe he will have a change of heart and stop singing in order to control everybody; Mikumo is outside wondering if she will feel the wind again.


Meanwhile we get to know a little more about the King, who was a Student of Ernest Jhonson, when the King was young, he was a Chivalrous man, a man of honor, who preferred a 1-to-1 fight, and still he stopped at nothing in order to defend his Country and pride. When the Independence war began, he had to leave Windermere. And that was the last time our Zentraedi Captain sought the Winderemere King.

Suddenly a representative from the Unified Government has come, he is informing them that they will blow the Protoculture ruins; this is in order to stop another Al-Shahaal situation. According to him, the Unified Government is taking measures to protect the environment and the people of Ragna (who are being evacuated as this is taking place).

Meanwhile with the Winderemerean. The King asks who is the Comander of Ragna´s forces, the Arabic Guy tells him that it´s Ernest Jhonson, a Mercenary more known because has lost 100 of 100 battles. So a loser…Reminds me of that Samurai of Samurai 7 Anime. Good times!


Anyway, the King says that he is good opponent.

Meanwhile the Evacuation is taking place, still we get to know that “Lady M” (Ernest´s Boss) has convinced the Unified Government to stop the plan of blowing out the Protoculture ruins until the Delta has ended their mission. Makina is happy about that, although Reina is a little worried since she likes Ragna, their people, their food, everything. Ragna is a nice place to live. Makina tells her that they will protect Ragna.


In another part of Ragna, Mirage is looking at some battle videos, trying to figure out how to defeat the White Knight. Freyja appears she was going to eat, Hayate reaches her and Mirage hides…Why is she doing that? She wonders … I know the answer…<3

Freyja and Hayate talks one of those talks of “look how far we have reached now” and we get to know that Hayate´s collar is a Memento of his Dad, he doesn´t know where he gets it since it was a gift, still his Dad was a soldier so he moved a lot.

A sudden call is heard and Freyja + Hayate can see Mirage, who tried to snuck out. Hayate tells her that she doesn´t need to be so serious all the time, now that she is the boss and all, she has him…And Chuck, and the Captain. Still, Mirage says that she is not as good as Hayate, that she needs to make a double effort in order to not be left behind… Still just wait, that time when both of them fought it was her loss, now in the future she will demonstrate that she can beat him!...And for that they must survive!


The Next Morning, the Fortress/Ship Macross Elysion moves (I yelled like a fangirl <_<)…They will go to defeat the enemy!

The Plan is simple. Walkure will Sing, Delta will protect and the Soldiers will raise the hell! Still, when Our Heroes where about to reach…The Windermere army was already prepared.


A Battle of epic proportions will begin!

A Very nice chapter! The calm before the storm. We get a little more of character development this time, still I have to admit it, I am a little disappointed that the big fight wasn´t on this chapter. Still it was all nice and good, and I am expecting an awesome fight on next week’s chapter!

Now I hope that we get to see more of “Mirayato” since I like that one more than “Freyjayato” also Mirage has become in my favorite character after Ernest Jhonson so…Yeah :P


Talking about favorite characters what is yours?

Anyway, those are my thoughts as of right now and see ya at 3 or so Chapters!