A lot of development has been made on these 5 chapters, all the Apostles have been revealed and now it´s the time for our Heroes to strike back while at the same time, it seems that Gyze´s forces aren´t as united as one would think they are; but let us check it out!

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Chapter 6

This is the return of Q4! For the one who might not know, back on the original series, the team Quadrifoglio (or Q4 for short) it was the main team composed by the unbeatable Kai, the young Promise Kamui, the warm heart and cold mind Misaki and finally the heart and soul of the team Aichi. These persons won the nationals and won the Asian circuit, making the in a legend of sorts on the whole Japan Vanguard scene.

Now back in the present, Kai, Kamui, Misaki and the members of Neo Nippon´s team has reunited , they have tracked a facility of the Apostles where Wakamisu… Or rather Dark Face is, he has made the Relics Prison and our heroes need that information.


After encountering a lot of obstacles Q4 featuring Neo Nippon has found Dark Face and he has a fight against Kai. The fight was quite good, although the result was highly predictable and Kai wins; Dark Face condemns Q4 in general and Kai in particular.

After that Dark Face is having a mental breakdown until a girl looking like a witch appears, she is Gredora´s Diffrider… And she will have a revenge on his name.


Chapter 7

This chapter is how the escape from the Relics prison goes. Basically after the info given by Q4 they have been able to investigate how the Relic prison works and it seems that it´s existence is in a drift between realities and the energy for these ones is feed by some generators, so all the heroes goes to the different locations in order to destroy such things!


The chapter had a lot of fights, although we never saw any complete one. Still we look at various hype moments since basically the generators defense system calls for the rival/important person of anyone who dares to destroy it. On these fights we saw Ibuki Vs. Movie Ibuki; Rin Vs. Tokoha; Taiyou Vs. Chrono; Kazuma Vs. Kasumi; Kasumi Vs. Kazuma; Shion Vs. Valeos (with some participation of Shinonome Shouma); Tokoha Vs. Miguel, and so forth. With Chrono it was against Ibuki, although in a moment Gastille comes in and.. He starts kicking Chrono´s ass.

During the fight Gastille says that everything started with him, all about this link between realities it was because he meet Chrono Dran and touched him, if it weren´t because of him there wouldn´t be any link, nor Psyqualia, Link Joker, Deletors, Stride Gates, Diffriders or anything.


The time is running ut for Chrono and Gastille tells him that the better for him it would be Gyze´s diffrider, besides being his Diffrider doesn´t equal destruction since if he has a strong will he might as well subjugate Gyze inside his body…Lies I say!

In the end Chrono and the others are rescued although it is not clear if inside of Chrono Gyze is already there…Still the Apostles have put their eyes on the Striders Team…The most suitable to be the vessel for their Divinity.


Chapter 8

An excellent chapter! Now it was time to fight for Tokoha and really, her character and Prowers where shown on this chapter! First of all Dumjid it´s all pissed off since he doesn´t agree with Gastille´s patience, he just wants to kill something! SO he aims for Chrono.


Chrono, for his part , is going to be accompanied by Shion, Kumi and Tokoha who are going to make a little party for his return; his (hot) aunt will be going to work so she commends his safety on his friends. Tokoha and Kumi where going to Chrono´s house with lots of food until they find Dumjid in front of the already mentioned Main Character, so obviously a fight start.

The fight went slow until the last turns since Dumjid activates his Zeroth Dragon, in that moment is when Tokoha made something that nor Shion, Taiyou or Kazuma were able to do… She as able to defeat a Zeroth Dragon. Dumjid (who was saying that instead of Gyze, He is the God of destruction) tried to kill everyone and show his strength; Tokoha, for her part recognized that she is weak, she relies on family, friends and loved ones to gain strength and push her forward and because of that she is able to overcome all kind of obstacles that might appear on her way, making her a true force to reckon with!


In the end Tokoha (who showed some new cards) was able to defeat Dumjid who was forced to leave Saori Fuchikada´s body, this Kiddo enter in a state of coma maybe for the forced possession he was brought and how long this one was.

Meanwhile, the Apostles, specially Gastille is saying that the loss of Dumjid it´s not something to cry, he was too rash and filled with hate to ever survive this endeavor anyway…So now, for the time being, Ibuki can have the Zeroth Dragon that Dumjid had.


Chapter 9

This chapter felt a little more like a transition and only an excuse to present the character of Gredora, the female apostle. In any case let us see what it showed us!


The Chapter centered on the team Neo Nippon specifically on Arata and Makoto who has found a “liberated” Noa from the grasp of Chaos Breaker. Soon enough they see that both Gredora and Dark Face are chasing Chaos Breaker since they don´t see him fit to be an Apostle, that in truth he is just using that mantle in order to fulfill his own agenda.

In any case Arata and Makoto have decided to protect Makoto and a fight between Arata and Gredora happens, the fight was entertaining, although Obviously Gredora wins and uses her Zeroth Dragon to defeat Arata.


At the same time Gredora says that Chaos Breaker is known as “The Jester” because he likes basically to play with his prey…Thing that soon enough is shown since in the middle of the battle Noa returns to be Chaos Breaker, and the Diffrider says that he just loose up a little the chain that Noa has in order to see the hopeful eyes of his friends and then how this eyes transformed in desperation; Soon enough Chaos Breaker´s plan backfire since nor Arata or Makoto are disappointed or anything, they have hope, they now know that Noa is still alive and fighting that he hasn´t lost himself… SO they will never give up!

After the battle (and some building destroyed due to the power of the Zeroth Dragon) Misaki and Kamui appears, the Q4, enemies of Dark Face and therefore Gredora…A fight between them will occur now!


Chapter 10

This chapter is a continuation of the past one. Now that the team Neo Nippon has been defeated by the Zeroth Dragon Zoa; it is time for Q4 (Kamuai and Misaki) to enter the fray and fight against Gredora! And Kamui is the chosen one to face her!


The fight was pretty good, and we got to know more about Gredoa, who she wants the world to be reborn and give her children more land, so they can become bigger and start conquering everything and everything, so in truth Gastille and Gyze are mere pawns to her, still she is not delusional and she knows she is the same for both of them…

Also Kamui showed his powers and “hot blood”...Thing that is… Attractive to Gredora, who she ask, no, told, Kamui that He is going to be Her husband! That she will consume him and both of them will make lots and lots of powerful children!... Ok, I can see a future Doujin being made. Continuing, Dark Face, Arata and Makotoa re impressed and blushed at that boldness; Misaki just says that Kamui is a crazy’s magnet, so it is to no surprise.


Continuing, Gredora calls for her Zeroth Dragon, thing that Kamui was able to block and evade the destruction that it comes with it. In the end, Kamui was able to win and defeat Gredora, for using the Zeroth Dragon and loose, she is forced to return to Cray, she commends her will to Dark Face and gives him her Zeroth Dragon.

After Gredora leaves, the girls who she as possessing falls unconscious meanwhile Dark Face goes away swearing that he will destroy Q4!


Meanwhile Noa is being tortured by Chaos Breaker, still Noa has seen his friends so he has renewed strengths to keep fighting Chaos Breaker inside his body!

End of the Chapters


That is all of this chapters, very good to see that our heroes are gathering more victories! At the same time I felt these chapters where more about “redemption” for some characters like Tokoha and Kamui, characters that always tell us that they are “strong” and everything; but in the end their victories are few and very separated, I mean is easier to see them loose than see them win! So yeah, I am satisfied to seeing them winning against the apostles and defeating the Zeroth Dragons!

Anyway That is all So See ya in 5 or so chapters!