We are at Chapter 10 and in this last 5 chapters, finally the three main teams have been decided and Chrono, Tokoha and Shion have their reasons and motivations in why they want to enter and winning this tournament well settled, the friends and former members of Try3 will now be furious rivals!

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Chapter 6

This Chapter was basically a measure of strengths between Fukuhara´s Team (Aka Shion´s team) and Still Unnamed (Chrono´s one) Where Kazuma fought Rin with the victory for the Angel Feather user. Taiyou faced Hayao (Henri/Anri) with a very close match between them; and finally Chrono Vs. Shion.

The fights that where most interesting was the one with Kazuma Vs. Rin and obviously the Chrono Vs. Shion, where both main characters made a lot of amazing movements. Kazuma came to the realization that he is still very inferior to Shion or Chrono. Taiyou and Hayao where bascally fanboying the fights since from 6 matches there were 3 for SHion and 3 for Chrono.


For it´s part Chrono came to the realization that not only Kazumi is his opponent that he has to overcome; but Shion is other too.

Chapter 7


This chapter is the beginning of Tokoha´s Arc where she is in France and she has a good and exciting life in there, she helps in the Vanguard association facility from time to time.

In any case, after watching Jaime´s victory in a tournament for Pro and some flirting/shipping the Spaniard presents to her another Spaniard… Miguel Torres, he is just a one year older to Tokoha, and he aims to become a Pro, for that he wants to aim his strength in the Under-20 Championship.


There it is one thing to say, and it´s that Miguel has a very bad luck; In any case a connection between both Miguel and Tokoha is made and it seems that Miguel has some chances in becoming an especial person for Tokoha.

In the chapter both of them have a fight and it seems that Miguel has the same power as Kazumi, that for mere moments they can transport or something to Cray. Miguel wins the fight, which was intense and very good! Miguel then promises that he will look out and protect Tokoha, which she still doesn´t know what to do with her life.


By the end of the chapter, Tokoha receives a call from Jaime… Miguel is dead, killed by a traffic accident.

Chapter 8


This Chapter is a continuation of the past one. Tokoha is in a big depression after getting the news that Miguel is dead, and even if she tries to force a smile in order for the people to not to worry about her, the minimal thing triggers the memory of her crush and the sad fate he had making her very hard to keep going.

Kaede, her protector and a friend of Tokoha´s family, and Jaime are very worried about her and they try different things until Jaime invites Tokoha to one of his match in the finals of the tournament. Tokoha ends up not going, although she reminds the words of Miguel… Of keep going forward, Tokoha needs to find herself a reason and for that she decides to go in the last second to check on Jaime. Where both of them will have a fight!


Tokoha in the fight has decided to keep going forward and carry Miguel´s dream of going to the Under-20, she knows that Miguel is watching over her and for that she wants to make his dream true!

Chapter 9


This Chapter is about the big return of Tokoha to Japan, and she is not alone since Jaim—I mean the mysterious “Masked Mascara” is accompanying her, in the Dragon Empire Branch and by some weird circumstances Tokoha finds Enishi, who is working as Vangaroo, the mascot of the association, Enishi has heard about the Under 20 with all the promotional that the Idol group Rumy labyrinth has made. In any case, Tokoha by looking at Enishi she decides to ask him if he wants to join since Enishi is still 19 at this moment, thing that he accepts.

In any case I have to say that while in the past chapters the show made a good job introducing and reintroducing characters, this is the first miss in such regard since almost anything is explained about Enishi and the reason why he stopped being the Dark Irregulars branch chief and now dresses as the association mascot.


Continuing, in Card Capital 2. Tokoha joins Kumi and Enishi and this will be her team, to such lament for Jaim—I mean Masked Mascara/Max Mascara/Vanguard Masked Mascarrrrrra. Still Tokoha recognizes Jaime´s feeling and his efforts to make her happy, so she tells him that while Jaime can´t be part of the team since he is more than 20 and a pro, still he can be the Team´s Coach! Thing that Masked Mascara takes very gladly!

Chrono introduces his team: Taiyou and Kazuma. Kazuma and Tokoha then decides to have a match.


The match was good enough, although I have seen better. In any case, Tokoha wins over Kazuma who makes a big fuss because he was defeated and leaves. It seems that something of the past happened to our Shadow Paladin user.

Later Mamoru looks at some punks that are using Vanguard for vile purposes, Kazuma was with them…

Chapter 10

The Chapter centers around a mini tournament in the Dragon Empire Branch, where the winner team will get the entrance to the U-20. The U-20 condition for the teasm to enter it is to win a shopr tournament; still the Dragon Empire branch has made a little advancement!


We get to see the name of Chrono´s team which is “Striders”… A name that Chrono choose and Tokoha clarifies that it doesn´t mean what Chrono thinks it means… In any case Tokoha´s team name is… Jaime Flowers… Yeah, Jaime choose the name, also Fukuhara´s Vanguard club team will also be in this event.

The Tournament will be with points where watch time you win you will get a point and the team with more points wins. In one of the matches, besides looking at the Trinity Dragon demise, is that Kazuma wil have to fight against Mamoru. Chrono looks at the match and it seems that Kazuma is pissed by hearing Chrono´s commentary either good or bad.


In the end Kazuma yields and surrenders, since he was going to lose anyway. Chrono goes and talks to him and the conversation heats up and both partners start fighting, no, ot with cards; but with their fist. Taiyou somewhat enters and Kazuma leaves…

There it is to say that in the fight, Kazuma remembered his time with a mysterious person, something attached to him and maybe a hint on why he is such a bad and sore loser…


Later Mamoru looks at Chrono´s Inflated cheek and he tells him that it seems that Kazuma is part of a gang or something, also that there must be some reason wy Kazuma is so afraid of losing…

End of the chapters.

Man this chapters where good! Especially the ones about Tokoha! The emotions where extremely well handled and even if Miguel´s participation was short it was good enough, so I am truly satisfied with such thing.


In other point, man Kazuma can be really a crybaby, still I have hopes for the character to become likeable even in his angst mood. After saying that, I am mostly sure that his story will be a very good one.


Other thing is that it has come to my attention that the Anime Occultic;Nine has some Vanguard´s presence. And after investigating a little, the cards shown are Shadow Paladins and Specifically the Luard´s Deck which is used by Kazuma Shouji, just look at this images

Of course one is a G4 Card and the other a G3; but if you see the writing in the last part it is the same, also the character design of the card is the same one or very similar. It is a very funny coincidence.

Anyway That is all and see ya in 5 or so weeks!