Hey! We have passed…Ammm… 1 Chapter, of this new Anime, Macross Delta. And I can say it is like if a Mecha Show mixed with an Idol one and a Magical Girl one! So here are my Impressions on all of that!

But before that. Here it is what this new form of Articles will be. Much like the “X Chapters so far: Cardfight!! Vanguard G: GIRS Crisis” Articles have been, the “X Chapters so far: Macross Delta” will be about the same. Every 3 or so chapters I will be coming with an Article where I will put my impressions, some important events that have happened and one or another theory, also some goofing with the story or the characters (like shipping or my usual bad jokes :P).

Mind you, this new modality won´t replace the “In the latest chapter of…” Articles, which BTW the new Anime has been selected and more info on that on this weekend. This modality is in order to cover some other Animes that I might be interested, but not enough to do a chapter by chapter cover up article on a weekly basis!...Also because Macross Delta gets transmitted on Work days, where I have to (obviously) work, so I don´t have much time to do a Cover up Article in time, and while there is nothing wrong with putting it some days later, I don´t know, it is just not my style.

On any case. Let us go!


Macross Delta is set on the year 2062, 8 years after the events of Macross Frontier and 55 years after the events of the original series (which I get to know as Robotech :P). The Galaxy is facing a new treat by something known as the “Var Syndrome” which makes the people utterly violent and dangerous. Thankfully a Pop- Idol band known as Walkure sing some psychic songs or something, which ease the hearts of the people who might have the Var Syndrome, making them pacific again or avoiding to such syndrome to wake up. They are protected by an Elite Group called Delta.

On the distant planet of Al-Shahal, one that looks very heat and well… I hope you like the heat… A Young man named Hayato is fired from his job because well…He is just a lazy bones who likes to make excuses to not to work.

On any case he finds a very energetic girl who was a Stowaway, she is called Freyja, and she left her home because she didn´t wanted to marry an apple lord or something…Bad choice missy. Apples are healthy and are the medicine against the Doctors!...Yes I am saying that the Doctors are like vampires with garlick! (Not really. I wove Doctors! <3)


Just look at those sweet, sweet apples…Ummm…


Err…Anyway, she ran away from home also because she wants to got to Planet Ragna, in order to go to an audition and become a Walkure singer.

Also on these moments one can clearly see one of the main centers on this whole Anime, Music, and specifically J-Pop one. I mean, Hayato can use the Giant Robots to basically dance while he is working! So Step aside dancing cops that the new Thing is in here! And that is sought on two different scenes, one using a construction Robot and other using a Valkyrie (the Iconic Giant robots who also can transform to planes or to a weird in between) Also on this chapter, one can hear 3 different songs from the Walkure Idol Group, so yeah one can feel that maybe one of their goals with this series is to make people buy the songs.

Continuing with the plot, Some things happen, they get to know Mirage, a purrty girl with some elf-like ears, she is part of Delta Squadron, which are the personal bodyguards of Walkure and pilot some Valkyrie units (Get it?).


Any similitude with Neptunia is a mere coincidence…

Talking a little about Walkure, we get to know some of the members who compose the group. We have the leader, who also looks like she is a Mom-like figure; the energetic girl; the one who can be labeled as “Miss Fanservice” and likes to goof around; and finally the cold one…Very normal archetypes of a group of girls, which also this Idol group can be labeled as a Magical Girl Group, but more on that later. There it is to say that on every city of the Galaxy, it looks like periodically they put some of their music in order to appease the Var Syndrome.

Continuing with the story, it looks like the Walkure members and the Delta ones are in a secret mission on this place, that is because on Al-Shahal, there has been a lot of Var Incidents recently, so they are investigating.


Later, a weird song is heard and some Zentraedis (Original series enemy alien Race, but now are cool and nice people) awake their Var Syndrome, getting all crazy and start attacking everyone.

So it is time, and the reason of the Magical Girl Show, for Walkure to appear!

And they transform to some Idol/ Battle gear outfit and start singing and making a concert…In the middle of a battle field, with a lot of civils cheering for them and be all excited, like if what is happening is nothing…Ok, their safety, not mine…Because I would have run the crap out of that place!


Also the Walkure band battles…With the power of Music, activating some weird hologram weapons who protects them and even can destroy some enemies! And they can cure some of the Var People, like they did with a Zentraedi one.

So yeah…Walkure is like an Idol group who has super powers and are protected by Giant Robots… Sounds logical to me.

The Valkyries are part of the dance too!!


After that, when everything looked like in control, some weird enemies, witht heir own army of Valkyries, appears out of nowhere (A dimensional Gate, I think).

So now a Dog Fight between the mystery units (Who call themselves “Aerial Knights”) and Delta Forces happens!

Stuffs blows, and a lot of awesome dogfighting action occurs!

The things go to the city and Mikumu, Walkure´s leader, got a little damaged, but she is far from being defeated!...And that means…


…Only one thing…

…Another Song.

Never say Dead for a Pop Idol!!


Walkure starts fighting with music and avoiding missiles and bullets, and places that gets destroyed, while being in perfect synchrony! That´s professionalism!...Also they don´t loose their breaths…Which is weird because singing and dancing or Running and talking will take a lot of oxygen (that´s why in concerts the singer just dance a little when it´s singing and when it dances it doesn´t sing).

On Any case, it looks like this Aerial Knights hate Walkure because reasons.

Continuing, some things happens and Freyja feels the feeling of become a dashing and singing Queen and goes straight to the danger, so Hayato finds a Valkyrie unit and rides it! He will show them who is the dashing and dazzling dancing King!!


…I mean Hayato will protect Freyja while he dances with that Valkyrie, he avoids the attacks with such unorthodox moves, that´s true though. I mean he is doing a tap dance avoiding the bullets!

Still he tranforms the Valkyrie to a Plane, and for some moment he truly felt like his true body was flying…


Until he gets shoot by a rain of bullets and his Valkyrie gets on fire…Yeah, that happens when you don´t put attention.

His Valkyrie goes down and will crash to the ground.

The chapter ends.

Now, Talking about the main characters, Hayato, Freyja, and very probably Mirage, we can see some different things from them. We have Hayato first, who is well…Lazy, but also someone who is now bored with life and disappointed with himself, since everything he has tried he either didn´t liked it or he wasn´t good enough, which made him in a cynical person to some degree, still, he is very good using Giant Robots, heck he can dance with them!


On the side of Freyja, she is the cherry and always positive girl, who likes to say some truly clichéd and motivational phrases like “If I Try, I can Fly!” and such, It looks like she isn´t Human BTW but a windermeran or something like that, that thing that looks a heart in her hair is part of her body, which activates with either dancing or singing…Needless to say she is a big fan of Walkure. She also can hear the music and detect the color of their singing…If that makes any sense. Finally, obviously she will eventually be part of Walkure and Hayato will be the newest member of Delta Unit and will protect her!

Finally we have Mirage, who I believe she is the Rookie of the group, and someone who is in charge of protect Mikumu, Walkure´s leader, also she takes her job very seriously…But that´s all… As of right now.

It is obvious that Freyja will open the world to Hayato and show him a brighter one…Also my Romantic sense tells me that there is going to be a little of Romantic Triangle with our main characters!


Finally, obviously she will eventually be part of Walkure and Hayato will be the newest member of Delta Unit and will protect her!

One ting that I cans ay is plain bad is the CGI design of the robots! I eman the Zentraedi´s ones looks Ok, I Guess, but the Valkyrie ones looks bad, bad,bad…Ironically when they are in Plane form they look alright.


On the positive side is that their movements are, for the most part, very fluid so when one can see a Plane or a Robot avoiding a shower of missiles it looks amazing!

That´s all for today folks, see ya Next time in 3 or so chapters!