12:04 PM

There are moments in time where I find media that speaks to me on a level that I do not understand the importance of it until much later. One might enjoy a film, a book, or an anime and just remember it fondly without much afterthought. What makes something truly special, to me, has always been if I find myself

10:48 PM

There are a lot of great dads out there in the world of anime, and there are some that are, in one way or another, scumbags who either cant even look after themselves or are too self-absorbed to care about anyone but themselves. Sometimes even both.


4:38 PM

Now that the current anime season (and probably the next) has been crippled by COVID-19, perhaps there aren’t many new shows still airing that you want to watch. Perhaps you’ve been furloughed, or have lost your job. I’m truly sorry if that’s the case, and I can imagine this isn’t the easiest time to look for a new

10:00 AM

The AniTAY seasonal anime recommendation list is back with another batch of series for Spring 2020. Every season, the AniTAY authors from around the globe congregate in the great AniTAY anime conference room (discord) to select, debate, and painstakingly narrow down a list of our favorite shows of the season. Thanks


11:06 AM

My quarantine is essentially over now that classes have resumed and I have returned to work. Sure, plenty of stores are still closed and I cannot go out and make friends like I was hoping to in a brand new city I own my first home in. For the most part, however, my time is back to being occupied and, as a result, I

12:00 PM

On this episode, Dil is joined by Kenneth from Black and Yellow Otaku Gamers to discuss the various anime they have been watching during the pandemic. The duo covers Punch Line! and Run with the Wind before opening up a much larger discussion into Haikyuu and Psycho Pass 3: The First Inspector. Afterwards, Dil asks



1:31 PM

As every parent of one grows to understand, teenage girls are terrifying. In this latest part of my Monogatari-fuelled descent into madness and horror, we’ll examine the case of Nadeko Sengoku who I previously discussed in my review of Bakemonogatari part 2. In that story, she was introduced as a somewhat precociously

3:17 PM

We learned this week that X-Drive Unlimited, the Symphogear mobile game, will be shuttering its global server in July - having just launched in February. But the JP server will keep going, as it’s a big hit there. So what exactly happened to the English release that bombed it within three months? Well, as it turns