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I know, I’m late to this party commenting on previous season of anime when everybody has already moved onto the next one. I was slacking on my seasonal anime and then had a hard time catching up, and in the end, I didn’t feel motivated to write about the season with all the decade stuff going on at AniTAY. Luckily, I

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Towards the end of Children of the Sea, main character Ruka states “I didn’t even understand anything that happened at all.” She’s doing an excellent job as an audience stand-in. I went into this knowing very little of what it was about and afterwards left it none the wiser. Apart from feeling overwhelmed by the

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The emergence of Demon Slayer, the laugh out loud romantic comedy that was Kaguya, the awfulness that was shows like ORESUKI! There was so much in regards to anime in 2019, and here at AniTAY we’re gonna tell you what we think is great! Welcome to The AniTAY Anime Awards of 2019, where AniTAY Authors and AniTAY


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My thoughts on Carole & Tuesday were complicated by its second half. I went as far as to say it became kind of a mess while I was on a recently recorded AniTAY Podcast (which will probably online in a few weeks). I was clear that I still thought the show was really good, but that I found the music in the second half


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Well. Here we are. The actual, decided on by vote, AniTAY Top 10 Anime of 2019. Not to be confused with Rockmandash’s upcoming AniTAY awards (which will be revealed shortly), nor the recently released AniTAY end of the year podcast; no, this is a just a top ten list, plain and simple. And in case you aren’t caught up


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And we’re back! Yeah, I know I’m a day late, but formatting these lists ain’t fun. But we’re getting to it: places 3o through 11, where we work our way through the rest of the ties, and right up to just outside the top 10. Last time we worked halfway through the total list, with shows that got just just one to twelve


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Greetings, AniTAY! The past year has come and gone, bringing a close to the decade along with it, and like the past three years before it we are looking at and counting down the favorite anime shows and movies of the past year, as voted on by AniTAY community. As you might’ve notice, this time Gugsy isn’t writing the