Ah…… Higurashi. Great show, great show.
Oh wait...
This is Corpse ParTAY episode trois. Hmpf. :-I

Note from the editor: Do not read through this if you don't want spoilers for the show, or are squeamish. (Well, watching the show is still way worse..... Poor Messy...) SERIOUSLY. DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU ARE SQUEAMISH. THERE IS GORE. AND IT IS SCARY. DID YOU GET THAT? DO NOT READ. That being said, you are missing out if you don't read this. XD

Anyways there lies a guy, that rather looks like me, in a pool of blood as Mr. Higurashi-san takes a wonderful holiday photo of him, just like he always wanted. Higu-san then turns to face little Yuka-chan, saying that he wants to be her onii-chan now and then kill her. Totally normal thing to do. I mean, I always tell whoever I'm about to brutally murder that I'm now gonna be their fucking father! >:-O


RANDOM EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!!!! (Unnecessary Note: Whenever I was making improv videos with my sister when we were younger, I always shook the camera at some point to make one and scream, "OH NO!" if things were getting boring for me………)

Two randoms almost get hit by some ceiling tiles. Meh.

Brownie girl gets phone call. Scary dying man is on the line. THIS IS WHY I NEVER PICK UP RANDOM NUMBERS I DON'T KNOW. Oh, wait. Her mom is on there now. But apparently she isn't receiving Brownie's voice. Gah! >_< Then scary man comes back on. HIGURASHI FEAR FACE! I'm gonna have nightmares about this now…… ;-;

Hm….. Not sure how I feel about the OP. It was really good and creepy until it became cliché until the end. :-/


I don't know much about the timeline of this show dude, but that little girl could have totally been killed AFTER the murders and just decided she wanted sulk around the school and fuck with people till kingdom comes. - A way home?! OMMFG- It's not gonna work. ._. Trust me.

Mr. Higu-san is a lovely, caring guy ain't he? – Wait, why is ghost girl calling Yuka, sister..? IS EVERYONE A SIBLING HERE?! – All chicks love a killer man like Mr. Higura- NOOOOOOO! Y U KIL HM M8?! T_____T Also, where the fuck was the blood?! All I got were squishy sounds. >:-I

plot plot plot plot plot plot plot plot plot plot plot plot

HOLY SHIT NOPE NOPE NOPE *Pukes* WHAT NO STAHP EWWWW GAWD THIS SHOW IS WORSE THAN HIGURASHI – The little girl in the red dress is the killer? NO SHIT. – Satoshi is in this show too? Does he have a baseball bat? Because I heard that they totally do 50% extra damage against children. He's gonna need it.

Pantie shot! Pantie shot! It's aaaaaa pantie shot~! – Pitch black? Naw gurl, I can still see your white panties.

So little red girl….. If Yuka reeks of piss, what good will tearing her bladder out do? Also, scissors don't rip stuff unless they're really crappy ones. >.> <.< - Mr. Higewwwwwwwwwwww! What the MF'n Hell happened to you?! – Time out, time out. I thought you were strangling Yuka-chan to death bloody good sir, not...... Um.... Ok... BYE NOW! – DECAPITATIONNNNNNNN – EWWEWWEWWNOPENOPENOPE JUST RUN YOU DAMN IDIOTS!


Oh god, this show….. This show man……. It can only be seen. I'm adding it to my to-watch list, and you should too if you're looking for another freaky blood and gore fest like Higurashi's first season. Those with weak stomachs however, whatever you do, DO NOT WATCH THIS EVEN IF YOU ARE THREATENED TO. Trust me. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go and sit in front of the toilet for the next hour or ten…….

This is Part 3 of Project Hydra for Corpse Party, which was written by The Messiah and Coordinated/Edited by Rockmandash12. You can find the rest of the parts here, and if you want to see more Project Hydra, check the Project Hydra Tag on AniTAY. For an explanation of what Project Hydra is, check this out . You can join the fun on our Sunday Cafes or by posting your own articles on Kinja with the Ani-TAY tag.