Contrary to the previous collaboration "top" article, where we ranked the best of the unpopular anime from 2014, the Ani-TAY coalition is back to arrange the most popular anime of 2014. We're going to assume that you have some knowledge of anime and that you've at least heard of most of these shows, either from the other 100 "top" lists on Ani-TAY, or by a friend or whatnot. We concluded that for this "top" list, to save you the trouble of having to read a big paragraph synopsis of everything, we opted to make things shorter and more comedic. Enjoy.

To clarify, This list is comprised of shows that ended in 2014, only excluding Hunter x Hunter because of its multiple year span. The statistics were pulled from MyAnimeList and no personal judgement has altered the order. The order of the shows is pure fact.

Here we go.

15. Nagi no Asukara
(A Lull in the Sea)

Written by SeanStan & EvenSteven02.

Now, we'll start this list off by saying, we do take shots at many of the anime on this list because it's easy to get a laugh when you make fun of a well known object. However, out of everyone at Ani-TAY, no-one dislikes this show, or has the courage to make fun of it, so we'll just add the following:
P.A. Works made two beautifully animated romances in 2014. One was Glasslip. This was the good one.

Ani-Tay Review:

14. Strike the Blood

Written by SeanStan & Thatsmapizza.

It's like Twilight except with more women and each of them awaken a new beast within him. Also, no werewolves… Sorry Jacob fans :(.
Warning: clothing is optional.

Ani-TAY Review:

13. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
(Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun)

Written by SeanStan & krakken_unleashed.

How a total dimwit makes tugs on girls heartstrings…
Also, two people riding on one bike is not safe. Always be sure to use a tandem bike whenever you're in a typical shoujo manga situation.

Ani-TAY Review:

12. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
(The Irregular at Magic High School)

Written by Thatsmapizza & Protonstorm.

Irregular is a show about the most powerful piece of cardboard in existence. It's so powerful that it's mere existence can not be fathomed by us mortals and so that's why Irregular isn't the number one anime of all time. Praise Onii-sama, our One True Tatsuya.

Ani-TAY Review:

11.5. Tatsuya Shiba

"The glory of our magnificent lord One True Tatsuya cannot be rivaled by any being in this universe, unless he looks in a mirror. Every day we praise Onii-sama, but unfortunately he has eyes for only our fair lady, Miyuki. Should thou ever taint his name with the hypocrisy of the other false leaders, then by the power vested in the church of Tatsuya I declare you excommunicated...from life. Don't bother praying to Onii-sama and expect a response, because, as spoken in the ten commandments of our lord, 'Onii-sama ain't got time for your shit'". -Michael 1 4-15, The Ani-TAY Vivire.

Refer to 12. for review.

11. Golden Time

Written by krakken_unleashed & EvenSteven02.

A grown up Taiga becomes a clingy rich girl obsessed with a amnesiac who can't decide what type of amnesia he has. Also, his ghost is an asshole.

Who they Gonna Call?...The one true Tatsuya!

Ani-TAY Review:

10. Zankyou no Terror
(Terror in Resonance)

Written by krakken_unleashed & EvenSteven02.

The two good terrorists and the one bad fanservice-y one vs. the world.

Ani-TAY Review:

9. Black Bullet

Written by Thatsmapizza, krakken_unleashed & Kinksy.

Attack on titan + Starship troopers + Lolis + ??? = Profit (Printable Money ie monopoly money) Also surprisingly bleak.

Dexomega Rant:

8. Nisekoi

Written by Thatsmapizza & Protonstorm.

It's best girl Armageddon. Where the best girls all go after some average joeschmo for... some reason. Also, plot progression, what's that? Sometimes referred to as 'Onodera and those other girls'.

Ani-TAY Review:

7. Akame ga Kill!

Written by krakken_unleashed & Kinksy.

Biggest protagonist bodycount since... -Insert spoiler here-.
Plot armor is Bull…

Caption: Wheel of Misfortune.

Ani-TAY Review:

6. Noragami

Written by Thatsmapizza.

A homeless man tries to bring the gift of joy to all the little girls and boys. Only succeeds in spooking a high school girl.

Wait. No-one wrote anything about this? C'mon guys.

5. Log Horizon

Written by krakken_unleashed & Kinksy.

Database - the Anime (whoa oh).
I just blackmailed you into being awesome… because of my glasses.

I wonder if the database is MySQL or SQLite, and if they keep invoking the database like that they'd better be prepared for a B.5.2.7.

Ani-TAY Review:

4. Tokyo Ghoul

Written by SeanStan.

So I was eating waffles last night and I felt like it was lacking human flesh because I couldn't digest it. Yeah, that's right Tokyo Ghoulians eat people. Are you scared now? Yeah? Well you should be!

Kids, don't eat people.

Ani-TAY Review:

3. Sword Art Online 2

Written by krakken_unleashed & Protonstorm.

We couldn't decide between a murder mystery or a chick flick so we did both… but it's all good though because Sinon is a cat now. We also had a massive budget, of which half went to buying Kirito some wicked plot armor and hair extensions.

Ani-TAY Reviews of part 1 & 2 of season 2:

2. No Game No Life

Written by Kinksy & krakken_unleashed.

No Fanservice No life: No Sibling-Con No Life: No Watch No Life: No Card Games No Motorcycles, but we still win, we won before you began reading this sentence.

Ani-TAY Review:

1. Pupa

Written by SeanStan.

Lol jk. Did you honestly think this was number one? Nope. Infact, don't watch this, I truly beg you not to. What would be funny though is if someone looks at the picture for Pupa, but doesn't scroll down anymore because they think it was the real #1. They then proceed to watch the show because of this article; a mistake they will never forget. If you didn't get it right the first time, THIS IS NOT ACTUALLY #1, nor is it anywhere near the top 15, but you know, jokes and stuff.

Ani-TAY Review:

1. Kill la Kill

Written by SeanStan.

One world, one school, one talking garment, one girl with a giant scissor blade. This sunday, experience the most viewed show of 2014. All you need is an extra brain or two because the one you have will be blown away. Imagine, right now, fighting, flying, naked humans, magical girl transformations, "Don't lose your way!" It can all be yours with 24 small payments of $sanity.00.

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