For over a decade, best friends Ricardo Polendo and Richard Giron have traveled from convention to convention selling anime goods all over the nation. This past Memorial Day weekend they opened their vault and allowed me to snap some pics of their massive collection.

Polendo and Giron met each other in high school back in 1996 where they bonded over video games and cartoons. When they both discovered anime, it spirited them away to a new level of nerdiness.

They started collecting figurines not long after, and their collections grew enormously.

At one point, we thought we should make something out of all this, Giron says, pointing to a garage filled boxes of anime figures.

In 2005, they began selling Japanese toys at comic conventions. Today, they are called Otaku Café.

Let the drooling begin!

Update: To inquire about purchasing a figure, contact Otaku Cafe at