With Proton MIA for this week, it’s my turn to try my best to parody his style.

1) What’s the most recent anime parody have you watched (includes animes that completely ignore the original script like Ghost Stories)?

2) Was the parody good and what was so good/bad about it?

I’ve been following quite a few parodies for a while, but the Sword Art Online Abridged series has to be one of my favorites. I like how SAO Abridged change most of the character’s personalities in the show because it played off many of the flaws that the show had in a hilarious way. Though the series cracks jokes at the silliness of the source material, I found it interesting how the most recent episode of the series actually developed their version of Kirito in a way better than the original’s. I don’t want to spoil the development, so go check out the abridged series and have a good time. I’ve linked the series below.

Header from Sword Art Online Abridged Episode 8

Story Time with Pizza:

Life has been pretty lifey for me recently. I’ve been working full time as usual, but I decided to be reckless recently and signed up for a bunch of tennis workouts a tennis center near where I live. Unfortunately, two of these lessons take place early in the morning and so I’ve been waking up before 7 am every day for the past few weeks and so I’ve been trying to go to bed earlier each day… which I’ve been failing miserably at cus I haven’t changed my media consumption habits.


Though I’ve been sleepy each day and I’ve been trying to keep up with all the anime series this season, I’m starting to get into the rhythm of this schedule and I’ll finally be able to get back to writing… Once I get motivated XD

A Month of AniTAY:

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