Last week’s question got me thinking... what are some of the ugliest characters in anime?

As you can probably guess from my header image, I nominate the Titans from Attack on Titan. Damn, those things are ugly. It actually makes it slightly spooky because they are a bit grotesque, but even if the Titans were like super sweet and kind and loving and everyone kept them as pets and everything, I would still avoid them because their faces bother me.

Header from Attack on Titan, like I said earlier. Try to keep up.

Storytime with Storm

The last Café of the year! Next one, I think I’ll probably do like some reflection kind of thing or something on 2015, so if you want to do a kind of ‘mah best things of the year’ kind of post but don’t want to write a full article, hold off for the next Café and you shall be provided an opportunity, free of charge. Monetary charge, that is. It’s always electrically charged in my forums.

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