Favorite voice actors and actresses. That’s the topic. WHO IS IT?

My favorite voice actor/actress is torn between Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Saori Hayami, and Sora Amamiya. I’ll save the other obvious one for you people in the comments.


Matsuoka is the voice of Kirito as well as Sora (NGNL) and Soma (Food Wars) and so on. I like his cocky but not overwhelmingly shounen-enthusiastic voice.

Saori Hayami has a more low-pitched and quiet voice than a lot of voice actresses, but not in a ‘shy’ kind of way. She plays roles like Yukino Yukinoshita (SNAFU), Shiraishi Urara (Yamada), and Shirayuki (Snow White with the Red Hair).

Sora Amamiya is more high-pitched but calm sounding, instead of the ridiculous energetic cat screeching you sometimes here from others. She was Kaori (One Week Friends), Akame (Akame ga Kill), Touka (Tokyo Ghoul) anda lot of others.


Basically, my favorite seiyuu are always the ones that are both good and stick out, like if I hear them in a show I instantly recognize them.

Header from Wolf Girl and Black Prince.

Storytime With Storm

This section will include the musings of me, Protonstorm, about life and the universe and will be on cafes on the occasion. Sometimes there will be music.

So perhaps you might be wondering what my username used to be before Protonstorm. We all have it: that one old username we used when we were younger that we are now embarassed about. I actually don’t mind my old username too much, it’s a bit heavy-handed but middle school Protonstorm did relatively well all things considered picking Rejectdeath.

Now how, I have been asked, did middle school Protonstorm name himself Rejectdeath? Join me in a journey of discovery where we enter the darkest corners of the internet and delve into the psychology of the elementary and middle school mind. Join me in this week’s episode of Storytime with Storm.

This isn’t quite as exciting as I’m trying to make it sound, I’m just using a marketing ploy to make this seem appealing so you will keep reading.


But really though, when I was younger one of my favorite bands was The All-American Rejects. This is back before Alternative’s association with American Pop annoyed me (I still like them though). When I was in elementary school in 2005, their album Move Along came out and I was really into it. Then I got into Runescape, and I found myself needing a username. Something cool, something edgy. Well, I took Reject from the band’s name. So no, I was not going through some societal rejection phase (wow I just almost tried to spell that as faze, some things never change). But where did Death come from? This is when things get interesting*.

I wasn’t sure which buzzword to pair with Reject. For the longest time, all of my characters had interesting combinations, going from RejectFire (FEEL THE BURN!) to Reject Star (not sure where that one came from tbh). When I got into World of Warcraft, I had alt-itis, a condition where you feel the psychological need to continually make new characters and shoot progress in the foot. Every time, I needed a new name, and so I matched buzzwords with the class I chose, like RejectShadow for example was a Warlock.

Finally, I settled on Death when I was looking at death knights and going ‘hey... rejecting...death! Yeah! That’s so cool!’ and BAM Rejectdeath was born.


Now, where did Protonstorm come in? Well, that’s an equally interesting* story, but for another time.

*not really

Answer of the Week

This section will show up every once and a while where I will answer someone else’s question about something in the most absurd way possible. Feel free to ask the question below (LABEL it ‘question of the week’) or send it to me over skype (user ID is Protonstorm). If I decide to do this section one week and there aren’t any questions (likely), I will ask someone for one or make one up, such as below:


(imaginary) Donald Trump: I’m going to take the time to ask a question here, because I’m on jury duty and I really don’t give a damn about this ‘double homicide’ thing. Gawker keeps making fun of my hair, calling it a variety of rude and potentially lawsuit-worthy things. Do you recommend I change my hairstyle?

Answer: Your hair is perfect, Mr. Trump. I wish all hair could be like yours.

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