Kohta Hirano - before making Hellsing he made porn; Okayado - before MonMuso made porn; Sylvester Stallone - before Rocky made porn.

Doujinshi: it’s a word used for the self-published works of an artist who draws manga (either originals or based on something). These kinds of works, which can be about all sort of things, are mostly known to be of an erotic nature. This Top 5 is based on some of those artists, and how they can bring their talents to either Shonen, Seinen, Shojo or any other genre which isn´t Hentai.


I got to know these kinds of works when I was searching for some good fan art before I knew that DevianArt and Pixiv were a thing. So yeah, it was accidental.

Why they didn´t make the jump to being a proper Mangaka? Who knows? Maybe they like to draw Erotic Content, or they tried and failed, or don´t like to work on rough schedules like the more well-known Manga artists. Either way, their work- I think -is good, and if one forgets the hentai stuff, they can be quite entertaining.

Needless to say…This Article Will Have NSFW Content (Either in words or Images). Also, for younger people who might read this article, I will not say the name of their works, only their Circle names.

Honorary Mention- 40010

This one gets an honorary mention because of how good his Shirobako work was. Since Shirobako is an Anime about making Anime…then a Shirobako´s doujin Should be a doujin about making doujins! It is indeed quite clever, and it expands on two themes:

1. Why so many doujins are horribly written and have horrible drawings (seriously…more often than not, the only good image is the cover art. And sometimes not even that!)


2. Why, when they use strong willed characters, do they have a complete change of attitude (either acting like ladies-of-the-night or quite defenselessly), even though we know that if said character were in that position, they would act very differently and escape the situation easily. So props to that!

It didn´t get in the Top 5 because that is the only work from them that I have read/ enjoyed.

#5- Yokohama Junkie.

He is the author of a very known series of doujins based on the video game series Monster Hunter, and it is truly disgusting in the themes it uses, which are basically about how female Hunters get eaten by monsters, but for some weird reason get aroused by that! “Stuff With That!” I said at first…until I found myself reading one of his large stories and was fascinated by the non-erotic parts of the story.

Specifically one about another group of hunters that are in the nearby zones (In some stories they rescue the poor female Hunter, while in others they don´t even cross paths). These characters have amazing personalities and nice backstories . It also has some nice themes and action that could fit an amazing Shonen story, always focusing on how the team can overcome anything and face dangers!

It also has a great quantity of comedy! And many weird talks…which if you have played Monster Hunter, you would know that sometimes the conversations can go to places ranging from the most serious and crude to the most absurd and funny! Every Hunter reacts to each in a very different way. It was only for that reason I keep reading…basically avoiding all the erotic work.

Still this work is only at #5 because of the erotic parts and because the art can be a truly hit and miss.

#4- Studio Tiamat

Studio Tiamat - he has done a lot of different works based on different properties, and even some originals too! He touches a lot of things but specializes on romances with the different types of “dere”.

He creates very good action scenes and has some very funny dialogue! Also the way he makes face transformations is something to be admired.

Another thing is that when he works a non-original (fanfiction) doujin, he truly thinks through his story in order to make it feasible! Of course, if the work he is basing his doujin off continues on, then all that work he put in is destroyed. But still one can appreciate the effort he makes.

The fact that he is on at #4 is because I fell that while he is good, he doesn’t reach greatness in his action or comedy scenes. Also he likes Dragon Force…which I like too!

#3- Valssu

Valssu is most widely known for his Tales of works and his originals about exhibitionist girls. This is a guy who can draw pretty girls and handsome boys (although not very masculine ones) very successfully.

For better or worse his adult content tends to get very formulaic and repetitive. I say that because, in some ways it makes the reader focus more on his story. Which, to my surprise, was excellent! I am talking about his original series about an exhibitionist girl. The story was not just a pretext in order to see some nudes. Rather it was an actually good story, capturing something of the psychology of the heroine. She has low self-esteem because she feels nobody would truly love her because of her fetish, but at the same type that fetish of hers is becoming more of an addiction, something she can´t stop doing- and even worse, she wants more and more of it. It’s truly a dangerous path that may lead her to where some truly horrible things happen to her.


In terms of the character building within his narratives, Valssu truly stands out from his doujin artist peers, especially since he doesn’t use a lot of the (more often than not horrible) tropes of the erotic doujin medium. For example, when one of his characters gets the opportunity to rape the heroine, he decides not to (even though he is a pervert) because that is not what she wanted. Breaking so easily the trope that basically says that every woman deep down is a slut and every man deep down a rapist, Valssu shows a level of narrative maturity which commends him above his peers to being a full fledged Mangaka.

#2- Crimson Comics

One of the best doujin artists I know, but sadly one whose themes I don´t support at all. He was famous for his Final Fantasy doujins, although as of late he has been doing more work on his original characters.

He has shown so much growth over his 15+ years in the business. He was one of the most formulaic writers out there in his early works (which included groping, humiliation, rape, and tentacles). But now with the passage of time he has changed a lot of his plot structures, and even written some happy endings here and there! Many of his works would be great manga on their own, if they were edited to be all-ages appropriate. His series about an exorcist girl who gets possessed by a ghost who make everyone around her horny (…),with some changes, could be a nice thriller series. The more action oriented series about an exorcist who hunts demons (although the sequel with her lil sister sucked in the story department), could be a good Shonen. The one about a girl who tweeted her fantasies could be a nice romantic story. Even the one about a dude who got a demonic phone which lets him abuse women all he wants I enjoyed, because at the end that dastard got screwed!

Anyways, he is also famous for his non erotic Manga, Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de, or World War Blue (which I cover!) and that is a nice testament to his progress at storytelling and drawing, since in the first chapters unless you know some Japanese or watch truly carefully what is happening, you wouldn´t even know what was going on! But as of right now, one can see quite clearly see what is happening in the story (even if its on a general manner) and the action got more fluid too!


It is also worth noting that he has wanted to be a more normal Mangaka for the longest time, since from time to time he has posted on one of his social media accounts his thanks to X or Y magazine for an opportunity they gave him and included fan art about his favorite series (a non erotic one BTW) and such. As of right now it looks like he has signed a deal with DMM, so I think he more or less achieved his dream?

#1- Udon-Ya

More known for their Monster Hunter and Fate/Stay Night works, this married couple truly can make some beautiful work! They draw some truly beautiful and detailed armors for the hunters , and I am not talking only about the cover art, but on the pages as well! So much so that I feel that it is a waste to see their characters naked.

They have also shown that they can make some truly beautiful women and some strong looking men! Also their beasts are really excellent

On the story department they nail it with the humor and tone they try to achieve, and can make some truly awesome Slice of Life when they want to. Full of endearing characters, funny moments, and even a little mystery!

As an example of this one of their original works is about a lonely dude who, after some weird internet methods, ends up having a lucid wet dream. What he does not know is that he brought a female version of himself from another dimension. All of this is humorously written with hilarious situations told with great character art, especially their gestures! A truly funny and endearing piece that gives me hope that they could use these same skills on larger projects one of these days.

Anyway, that´s my top five list of artists who could become amazing Mangakas if they wanted to. Know other circles who could fill that criteria? Make sure to post it on the comments below! Also if you put images…Please try to not to be too NSFW.


Incredible and amazing thanks to Krakken_Unleashed and Dexomega for their advices, Edits and More! You guys Rule!!

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