In recent years anime has seen old properties born anew, with the likes of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood achieving massive success. The Rebuild of Evangelion films proving old brands remain vibrant, and the up coming season being the season of 90's awesomeness. Seriously Berserk, if you’re a Shōnen anime fan in the 90's (I’m old...) this is nirvana (yes that was a total reference). Anyways moving on these are the series that need to rise from the dead again!

Bad ass incarnate

When Route A was coming out I was convinced that it was just a placeholder. With half the manga still unadapted, I’m hoping I’m correct however I get scared from time to time. I defended the lackluster Route A as an interesting idea, more Tokyo Ghoul content from the author while we patiently wait for that proper second season seemed like a good idea.


Now more then two years later, the manga completed, and Tokyo Ghoul: Re well on it’s way as well we still don’t have a continuation. This is a damn shame as Tokyo Ghoul is one of the best manga’s and anime’s in years. Plus the ending of season one just screams out for a continuation, you don’t leave a masterpiece half complete.

CLAMP really can draw, ya I’m a fanboy...

Tsubasa alone is a bit harder to justify as the anime itself, from Bee Train, with the exception of the soundtrack, was lackluster. It was the two subsequent OVA’s from Production IG that showed how to properly adapt the manga. That despite some of its issues it is still one of CLAMP’s strongest and most popular works is impressive. xxxHolic has less issues then Tsubasa by most standards of adaptation. They’re both here as they’re just a really good anime that really could use more adaptations.


Furthermore Tsubasa has literally one arc left that needs adapting which makes a potential adaptation slightly more likely. As a four episode OVA could do it, plus it would be a tight adaptation forcing the more confusing details potentially to be left at the wayside from the manga, fans know what I’m talking about. In the end both series are CLAMP’s biggest hits in recent years and I just want to return to Yuuko’s Shop; is that too much to ask?

Better then the series...

This could go one of two ways; the Inuyasha route which quickly adapts the last part of the manga once its finished. Giving closure to long time fans such as myself. The second and much more interesting route is the Hunter x Hunter route, where by the studio starts a new adaptation. To be a faithful adaption of the manga keeping its quick pace quick and action heavy.

Furthermore the major issue with the original Bleach anime is the excessive filler, the show is nearly half filler, 48.8% to be precise (I know I counted). When Bleach faithfully followed the manga it produced some of the best Shōnen action ever with the Escape from Soul Society Arc, when it didn’t we got the Zanpakto Rebellion Arc... let’s be frank Bleach is good, it’s anime wasn’t.

Wish the anime looked this good.

Now we come to the “what is that” anime of the list. Space Runaway Ideon is actually Yoshiyuki Tomino’s follow up to Mobile Suit Gundam. Forever in the shadow of its much more popular older brother; I’ve always felt Ideon is a criminally overlooked part of anime history among the broader fan base of mech fans, and anime fans in general.


In many ways Space Runaway Ideon is as influential as Gundam was on its own, furthermore its similarities to the masterful Zeta Gundam is hard to ignore. Keeping its dark story (it’s a Kill Em’ All Tomino Series) and deeply pessimistic attitude towards humanity (sound familiar) Space Runaway Ideon was ahead of its time. However it’s a perfect fit for today, with a new coat of paint the ending would certainly get people talking.

Don’t judge me.

Prepare the pitchforks and fire; I’m about to commit a heresy. Akira the film isn’t that good. It’s good for it’s time and it’s status as a gateway anime for a generation of fans is untouchable. However that shouldn’t make it a third rail never to be criticized. It has its flaws and almost all of them was due to the constraints of being a movie.


The Akira manga is a masterwork of the medium which the film does not do justice. A true adaptation with 24 episodes would tell the real story of Kaneda and Tetsuo. Rather than the abridged form we’ve all already seen.

I honestly don’t know which one I want to be in this pic...

How has one of the most popular and long lasting Shōjo Manga’s not gotten a second series? With far inferior Shōnen manga getting adapted monthly this series has dozens of volumes unadapted. It’s a travesty I say, a travesty.


Seriously though I don’t know what to say. The Skip Beat anime has a MAL rating of 8.3 at the moment, it’s manga remains popular, hell it’s even getting a long awaited North American release via Kickstarter. In the end this is a simpler write up then those above, it is just a really good series that needs more love. It’s Shōjo amazing and I want more of it damn it.

Screw you Accelerator is literally the best!

In total this meta-franchise has four anime series, one movie, three manga’s, and two light novel series. With so much content why is it on this list then? Well, the major reason is the last season of the anime left off in one of the biggest cliffhangers in the series to date - and a giant war brewing that lives up to it’s ostentatious World War 3 title.


Beyond that it’s fallen to the curse of consistency. Since it began airing; a Index or Railgun (sister anime) has aired within 18 months of each other. Since the finale of Railgun S2 it’s been over two years and fans are getting anxious. Seriously, the next adaptation is the most popular question in the Dengeki Festival Q and A...

Beyond the cliffhanger of an ending the series according to most really shifts into high gear in future entries. The good news for fans though is unlike most series on this list its likely we will see a third season sometime as the label seems to have faith in it. Guess we just need to wait.

The most bad ass protagonist in anime, bar none.

Claymore could interestingly use a bit of all three: a reboot, a remake, and a sequel. You see the first series of Claymore almost perfectly adapted the first half of the manga. It was the last two episodes that ruined it with an anime only ending that so perfectly encapsulates why people hate anime only endings. The thing just didn’t make sense...


What hurts fans even more is the unadapted second half of the manga is almost perfectly suited for an even more epic anime then the original. Sadly with the anime now approaching its 10th birthday. The chances of another series seem slim to none and as a mega fan it pains me to say. However if it does happen with the manga finished back in 2014 their is no shortage of content.