For those that are unfamiliar: I’m a big time listener of music, and every season I tend to have this habit of listening to most music that comes from anime, including the full versions. In order to cover this music, I make a list of some of my favorites from each season. Of course, this is about as subjective as it gets, but I like writing these because they’re a good source of discovery for those of you that might have missed something from this season. This time I actually have an even fifteen on this list.

Note(s): I have included MP3s only for songs not available in North America, anything that is digitally distributed can be found on services such as iTunes and will be marked as such.


I also wanted the audio for every song to be available for you to listen to on this article, so I have either included a video found on a streaming site, included the MP3 for ones without videos, or made the videos myself for those that are already available legally in North America.

My apologies for the extreme delay, I’ve been extremely busy and as this article is probably the longest thing I write seasonally, it’s been tough to actually get the time to put something decent together. Enjoy.

EDIT 8/25: Mp3 files no longer work, hosting has been removed.

15. Koi no Jumyou

MP3: This song is available digitally in North America.

Artist: Galileo Galilei

Anime: Magic Kaito 1412

Why I Picked This One: This song makes a really excellent ending theme, it’s got some motion to it but still feels like a more relaxed rock tune. The singer’s voice is also top-notch, and you might recognize him from Terror in Resonance’s opening theme.

14. Hello, Shooting Star

MP3: here

Artist: moumoon

Anime: Assassination Classroom

Why I Picked This One: Honestly, I like this one for similar reasons to number 15. What stands out in this ending theme, however, is the slight transition about forty seconds in. There’s a little bit less going on, but the soft guitar chords are really all I needed to enjoy this one.

13. Colorful

MP3: here

Artist: Sawai Miku

Anime: Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

Why I Picked This One: Miku has a very flowing voice, and while I enjoy her more solemn songs (see Akame ga Kill!’s first ending), she certainly is capable of the more upbeat tones that this song utilizes.

12. Absolute Soul

MP3: here

Artist: Konomi Suzuki

Anime: Absolute Duo

Why I Picked This One: Konomi Suzuki is one of my favorite Japanese singers, so in a way this one is up here because of automatic bias... I really enjoy her voice’s pitch, but honestly this song doesn’t quite take full advantage of it. It still serves as a very decent pop-y kind of opening theme, and one that I would recommend giving a shot.

11. Ai no Scenario

MP3: here

Artist: CHiCO with Honeyworks

Anime: Magic Kaito 1412

Why I Picked This One: Another returning artist from this past summer! CHiCO sang Blue Spring Ride’s opening theme, and is back for the winter season. I was surprised to hear the less girly beat mixed with an electric sound, and it worked quite well when a few other instruments such as a piano were thrown in.

10. Genesis

MP3: This song is available digitally in North America.

Artist: Eir Aoi

Anime: Aldnoah.Zero

Why I Picked This One: Eir Aoi has an incredible power to her vocals, even in softer portions of her performances. While I don’t find her voice particularly fantastic or terrible either way, this is most definitely a great song that showcases the best of her abilities.

9. &Z

MP3: here

Artist: Hiroyuki Sawano

Anime: Aldnoah.Zero

Why I Picked This One: I always love it when Sawano composes opening or ending themes for shows he is in charge of the music for, and Aldnoah.Zero is no exception. The theme really feels like the opening for a mecha show (regardless of whether you liked the actual show or not), and Mizuki’s voice is in multiple languages, as per usual.

8. Kimi-iro Signal

MP3: This song is available digitally in North America.

Artist: Luna Haruna

Anime: Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

Why I Picked This One: The ‘signal’ sound in the background is just one of the newer sounds utilized in this song, and while they don’t emphasize these effects too much, the kind of ethereal up-beat melody is pretty catchy, if I do say so myself.

7. Nanairo Symphony

MP3: here

Artist: Coala Mode

Anime: Your Lie in April

Why I Picked This One: I think this song got slightly overlooked because everyone enjoyed comparing it to its predecessor, Hikaru Nara. However, Nanairo Symphony is a song all its own, and a fun one at that. The main melody is very catchy, and the vocals work well with the tune of the general song.

6. Fubuki

MP3: This song is available digitally in North America.

Artist: Shiena Nishizawa

Anime: Kantai Collection

Why I Picked This One: Shiena is a brand new singer, and this track was released when she was only seventeen years old. This was absolutely shocking for me because of the amount of measured control she executes melodies with using her voice, sometimes singing so rapidly that it almost feels like rapping in this fanfare of an ending.

5. Kisetsu wa Tsugitsugi Shindeiku

MP3: This song is available digitally in North America.

Artist: Amazarashi

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul √ A

Why I Picked This One: This song (beautiful artwork aside- that doesn’t count in this article!!) was an excellent ending theme for Tokyo Ghoul, and was a very good reflective piece. I enjoyed the punctuated pronunciation the lead singer uses in his vocals, and the flowing lead up to the chorus. The music video I posted above is also very fitting for those of you that have seen the show, so enjoy.

4. Flyers

MP3: This song is available digitally in North America.

Artist: Bradio

Anime: Death Parade

Why I Picked This One: What a way to open up just about anything. Flyers has a slight disco feel to it (which makes sense considering the lead singer’s afro), and is a very fun and catchy tune. The full version has a pretty excellent guitar solo with accompanying trumpets, and I highly recommend giving it a listen.

3. Miiro

MP3: This song is available digitally in North America.

Artist: Akino from Bless4

Anime: Kantai Collection

Why I Picked This One: Akino, much like Eir Aoi, is a very strong power vocalist. However, I actually like her voice a little bit more and it is excercised wonderfully in this song. While the show left a little bit to be desired, the epic feel of this opening was so good that it tricked me into thinking Kantai Collection would be too. The full version also has a very amazing bridge (the part of a song that leads to the final chorus), pushing this one further up my list.

2. Orange

MP3: here

Artist: 7!!

Anime: Your Lie in April

Why I Picked This One: This song was this close to being number one this season, because of how amazingly it handles the sorrowful emotions of the show. The cut to the ending theme at the end of each episode would always chill me slightly because of how hauntingly beautiful the singer’s voice was as it was featured with quiet instrumentation in the verse. The full version was perfect because it started even slower and built up even more so than the TV size, and even without the context of Your Lie in April this song conveys the emotions to any listeners.

1. Last Theater

MP3: here

Artist: Noisycell

Anime: Death Parade

Why I Picked This One: Every once and a while, a song comes along that is so fantastic that I not only can’t stop listening to it, but continue to feel a certain appeal from it long after it releases. I call these songs ‘The Ultimates’ (which sounds a lot better in my head than on paper), and Last Theater more than makes that list. It captures this utterly dark and sorrowful feeling from Death Parade, and puts it into a haunting rock tune. Everything, from the occasional piano notes in the verses to the intense build-up before the chorus, ties in together to weave an incredible narrative of a piece. The full version both starts stronger and ends stronger, beginning with a powerful vocal moment and then quietly decaying at the end, and is an excellent performance on behalf of Noisycell. The lyrics are also entirely in English, something that helps especially for English audiences.

Bonus: My Truth ~Rondo Capriccioso~

MP3: here

Artist: ENA

Anime: Your Lie in April

Why I Picked This One: This track isn’t technically an opening or ending, and thus for the sake of simplicity I avoided categorizing it in the same way. however, this insert song is one of the best songs of the season. The slow, ethereal build up with the accompanying violin sets up a very romantic kind of feeling, and this is capitalized upon during the climatic portions of the song. The time this piece played in Your Lie in April was probably one of my favorite moments thanks to this track.

Best OST Runner-up 2: Aldnoah.Zero

MP3 (one track): here

Full Album Download (clicking this link will start the download): here

Composer: Hiroyuki Sawano

Why I Picked This One: Sawano is known for his action-packed soundtracks, and Aldnoah.Zero’s second soundtrack delivers. The entire album has grand, powerful epic sounds, and even includes some nice remixed versions of tracks from the previous OST. Unfortunately, there is no version of it available on a streaming website, so if you want to listen to the whole thing you will have to download it or import it.

Favorite Track: Harmonious

Best OST Runner-up 1: Parasyte -the Maxim-

Composer: Ken Arai

Why I Picked This One: Parasyte’s OST is interesting in that it is mostly electronic... and is actually very high quality. This alone should earn it some applause, but it’s the music itself that really earns it a spot on this list: from suspense and romanticism, the soundtrack has quite a few different yet high quality sounds, and is a good one to give a listen to.

Favorite Track: Next to You

Best OST: Your Lie in April

(The second disc is linked in the video.)

Composer: Masaru Yokoyama

Why I Picked This One: There’s a decent chance that this is my favorite soundtrack of all time, and considering the musical theme of Your Lie in April, that is quite a bonus for the show. The soundtrack overall is extremely solid and diverse, featuring everything from soft, sorrowful piano ballads to upbeat orchestral arrangements to dynamic and humorous tunes. The variety is amazing, but what is even more fantastic is the consistent quality of the entire album: despite having 65 songs over the span of two CDs, not a single song felt like it had been thrown together quickly, only to never be used. The entire soundtrack is a journey, and a beautiful one, even if you haven’t seen the show.

Favorite Track: Your Lie in April (but they’re all pretty good)

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