It's a small, small world and it's full of guts. It's a small, small world and it's full of guts. And we never can seem to stay alive, don't you see. It's a bloodbath after all…

Come one, come all to Heavenly Host Haunted House Hextravaganza, where our motto is when it's broke, add corpses. The halls, the walls, and even the ceiling are filled with the remains of previous visitors. I guarantee that you will encounter no less than fifty authentic cadavers during your stay here or else we'll provide a full refund.

If you don't like the silent scares, then we have a treat for you! Our selection of ghosts range from angry revenants to crazy ghosts of spirit mediums. They will spook you with their crazy talk and erratic movements. Act now and you may get to see our specially offered barfing ghosts. It's seventy percent melodrama and thirty percent black goo!

Also, don't miss our new attraction, The Suicide Principal! Every few seconds, the principal jumps from the top of Heaven's Host to the ground three stories bellow. It's a spectacular attraction for the entire family! Just remember kids that if you stay in the splash zone, you'll get stains that won't come off.

Here at Heavenly Host, we prioritize customer safety. So don't panic when we unleash our patented mini earthquake because panicking will only makes things worse. We pride ourselves on the integrity of Heavenly Host and want to assure that nothing bad will happen.

For a limited time only, we're allowing access to our backstage areas. Here you'll be able to see how we prepare all of our attractions. If you're lucky you might even be able to help us decorate our new attractions. It will be lost of fun and create lots of memories.

Finally, if you can't handle all the scares on our premise, you can use our spiritual teleporter to leave earlier. It may be a bit janky because our test group didn't give us any feed back on it, but you'll at least know that you went out in style.

We hope you come visit us at the Heavenly Host Haunt Hextravaganza, where the scares are the scariest and the haunts are the bloodiest!


In all seriousness, so a dude and two anime chicks are watching some anime chick choke a guy's so hard his neck starts bleeding… I kid you not his neck starts bleeding from being choked. Anyways, there's some exposition about… this .

Yah… happens. Then the black haired chick confronts some other chick about ghosts or something and it turns out that the other chick was a GHOOOOOOST! and then she barfs out her kidney or something. Meanwhile, the dude and the brunette chick check out the nurse's room cus I don't know one of them feels sick or something. Then they get surprised by this passive aggressive purple nurse and so they leave cus they we're having any of that passive aggressive shit. The two-anime blobs then go to check out the principal's office and then they meet principal... in the most unintentionally funny scenes I've seen in a while. Finally, the two get to the principal's office and then the guy gets high off the fumes coming of this raggedy old bag in the principal's office. He sees some stuff and then we switch back to the third leg of the group who meets a teacher who promptly absconds from the scene, but she forgets her head. The other two anime blobs stumble upon the resident torture room and the chick channels her inner chuuni and runs off much to the guy's bemusement. Soon after the guy meets the black haired chick and then they get told by navi to go kill ganon or something, so they do. Meanwhile, the chuuni chick is stuck watching the murder channel, but gets snapped out of it by receiving spam text messages. Back to the fight with the dark lord, the two-anime blobs are getting their asses kicked and then the chuuni comes in and secures the kill like a boss.

This song plays and they go home in ball of light while riding unicorns. And they lived happily ever after.

Overall, I give this episode a Blood Bath/10. It had quite a lot of exposition that I didn't understand and most of the scenes of horror came off as comical to me. It's probably because I wasn't invested in the setting or character, but I would go back and watch some of it because this version of Corpse Party differs quite a bit from what I remember of watching of the actual game and it was fun as all hell to watch.

This is Part 4 of Project Hydra for Corpse Party, which was written by Thatsmapizza and Coordinated/Edited by Rockmandash12. You can find the rest of the parts here, and if you want to see more Project Hydra, check the Project Hydra Tag on AniTAY. For an explanation of what Project Hydra is, check this out. You can join the fun on our Sunday Cafes or by posting your own articles on Kinja with the Ani-TAY tag.