A couple of weeks ago I posted a poll for AniTAY to decide which girl from Monster Musume was best and the results are now in. With a total of 453 votes cast, AniTAY’s favorite monster girl is Miia! Whether because of first girl syndrome, a love of all things red-headed or a fascination with extremely tight affectionate hugs, our winner is the Lamia of love. The poll is still open if you would like to cast a vote after the fact, you can find it here.

The order and vote count:

  1. Miia the Lamia with 120 votes (26.49%).
  2. Rachnee the Arachne with 92 votes (20.31%).
  3. Suu the Slime with 66 votes (14.57%).
  4. Papi the Harpy with 53 votes (11.7%).
  5. Cerea the Centaur with 46 votes (10.15%)
  6. Ms. Smith the Human with 24 votes (5.3%)
  7. Mero the Mermaid with 20 votes (4.42%)
  8. Zombina the Zombie with 9 votes (1.99%)
  9. Lala the Dullahan with 8 votes (1.77%)
  10. Tionishia the Ogre with 7 votes (1.55%)
  11. Doppel the Doppelganger with 6 votes (1.31%)
  12. Manako the Monoeye with 2 votes (0.44%)

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