Welcome to OP/ED's a day by Ani-TAY! Each day the Ani-TAY community will be featuring an OP/ED which they found particularly remarkable, wonderful or impressive. Come along for the ride!

It's February now and you know what that means, love is in the air at Ani-TAY! This month we will be featuring songs that have something to do with love, so it'll be interesting to see what everyone comes up with! (Kei is love, sorry Charlene don't hurt me)


Here is our poll for the week! The poll will be open for 1 week and the winner will move on to the monthly battle to determine what is the best OP/ED of the month.

Sunday February 1st - By: Fruity Drinks

Koi no Uta - Tamako Love Story


Monday February 2nd - By: jonuuic

Staple Stable - Bakamonogatari

Tuesday February 3rd - By: Koda Kazar

Inori~You Raise Me Up~ - Romeo x Juliet

Wednesday February 4th - By: mdubs x Protonstorm

Hikaru Nara - Your Lie in April

Thursday February 5th - By: Messiah

Zakuro - Hellsing Ultimate

Friday February 6th - By: MementoMorie

Sakasama no Chou (The Upside-down Butterfly) - Hell Girl/Jigouku Shoujo

Saturday February 7th - By: Protonstorm

Irony - Oreimo

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