While I’m not sure exactly how this song fits in with the theme of “train service,” it certainly is unexpected. Completely surprising the viewer with its rap-like beginning, the ED of Rail Wars! may be more memorable than the series itself.

Title: OVERDRIVER | Artist: ZAQ | Anime: Rail Wars!

I’m running late this morning and frankly don’t have much to say about Rail Wars!. It is a show about trains (in an alternate reality that is not at all different from actual reality) and the fanservice around those trains. This is a world where the tsunderes are a bit more “tsun” and the deres are a bit more “dere”. A world where skirts are a bit tighter and idols pop up where you least expect them. It’s Rail Wars!, there is no other excuse.


I do think this ED is catchy though, and unexpected considering the show. The show itself at least looks great, there is no overarching story to speak of beyond the train related problem/crime/dress malfunction of the week.

Full song is linked below if you are interested.

Well if you enjoyed today’s OP/ED then you might enjoy the similar electro/dance/j-pop of my previous entry:

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