Title: Trust | Artist: Salia | Show: Vandread

Continuing on with my own self-imposed theme this month of OP/EDs from dark mecha series, I’m going with the opening from one of my all time favorite mecha series, Vandread, made by Gonzo in 2000 (which means the show turns 15 this year, yay!).


Now I can hear some of you wondering, “How is this a ‘dark’ series? Everything looks so colorful and look, almost everyone is smiling in that picture you used!” Well they are smiling because Vandread did have some happy moments, several in fact. But as anyone who watched the show all the way through can attest, it gets dark, really, really dark. Yet it still has happy moments even when the show was at its darkest. I would go into details of exactly why this show is dark, but they be spoilers, and even 15 years later, I dare not spoil this show, preferring to suggest people watch it themselves to find out. So instead, I’ll just move on to the OP.

One of the things I absolutely love about this OP is that somewhat old school synth music that wasn’t out of place in sci-fi shows, especially space-based ones, way back when.

And of course, like always, the full version.