This is probably my favorite ED from a series that I absolutely would never recommend to anybody. The ED is just so darn cute!

Title: Baby! Baby! | Artist: Noriko Shitaya & Iori Nomizu| Anime: Maken-Ki!

There is not much to say about Maken-Ki!, it is an ecchi show, and a really bad one at that. This show’s “story” makes the plot of Infinite Stratos or even Sekirei seem like deeply involving elaborate masterpieces in comparison. But one thing that Ecchi shows seem to do well (besides fanservice) is that they usually have really fun ED sequences. Don’t ask me why or how, but they usually do. Though the show is forgettable, this simple little ED sequence with its catchy tune and a shy chibi that is hesitant to turn around, was always memorable to me. The ED’s of Maken-Ki! are sung by a duo of voice actresses from the series that changes every episode (but they all really do sound the same).


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