Title: Sign | Artist: FLOW | Show: Naruto Shippuden

Despite me thinking Naruto’s declined heavily over the years, the franchise will always have a special place with me in my heart as it was the first anime series I took up after joining my high school anime club and thus it is directly tied to my fond memories of that club. It was also through Naruto that I first heard the band FLOW, and I am a total, 100% fanboy for FLOW and even saw their first ever concert in America at AnimeFEST 2006 in Dallas(when they only had three hit singles that were used as anime OPs, “Go!!!” and “Re:member” for Naruto and “Days” for Eureka Seven, and they played all three of them in their concert, their fourth anime OP, “Colors” used with Code Geass wouldn’t debut until after the following month). It was a phenomenal experience.


The reason I keep talking about the past and the memories I have with Naruto and FLOW is because those two things tie into my choice for OP/ED today. “Sign” is an opening that has focus on nostalgic memories. Interestingly enough, these happy memories of the past are juxtaposed next to traumatic events of the then present point of the series.

In addition, Jiraiya, probably the main overall focus of the visuals in this opening, was one of my absolute favorite characters in the series, and this opening was used during an infamous and emotionally charged part of the series involving him, further adding to its resonating impact with me. Lastly, the song itself is just simply my favorite of FLOW’s songs, and they have a laundry list of amazing songs. So that’s saying something.

And of course, the awesome full version.