Summer is nearly upon us and with the weather having been unseasonably nice in Seattle during the month of May, I am really starting to look forward to swimming in the ocean sometime in the near future. For those unfamiliar with Puget Sound, the water temperature rarely gets above 60°F, even in the Summer, so you generally don’t swim in it except on particularly nice days. So what better way to celebrate the coming of Summer, which starts officially a scant 16 days from now, than with the ED from the first season of Free!. I went back and forth between whether I should choose this one or the ED from the second season, Future Fish, as they are both excellent, weird, ridiculous and yet somehow able to convey the themes of their respective season incredibly well.

Song: Splash Free | Artist: Style Five | Show: Free!

Catchy song? Check. The five central characters acting like a late 90s boy band? Check. Strangely appropriate Arabian themed music video? Check. What do we get out of it? Awesome.


You really should check this show out if you have not already, it is an excellent sports anime and was good enough to make it to #8 on my list of the 12 best shows I have watched since returning to anime.

I plan to write up a review for both Free! and Free! Eternal Summer some time in the next couple of months, probably, so look forward to it.

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