Title: Koko Dake no Hanashi | Artist: Chatmonchy | Show: Princess Jellyfish

Description: This is the OP for Kuragehime/Princess Jellyfish.

So I started watching this anime yesterday on a whim and this opening threw me for a loop! Princess Jellyfish is a Josei comedy series that I’m greatly enjoying (KanaHana is at her best!), but the amount and type of references in this OP is pretty astounding. Even more so, when the comedy in the show is non-referential, I have to wonder why the director decided to do this. The music is only fine in my opinion and the ED is wildly superior. The ED is one of the most romantic anime songs I’ve ever seen.


Usually I end these posts with a youtube anime cover of the OP or ED in question, but with all the references here, I’m going to change the format this time. Let’s get to the game: Can you name all the references in this OP? I’ll leave the answers at the bottom. Several of these are incredibly easy, others not so much. And in full disclosure, I’m still unsure about a few of these so please educate me in the comments:

#1: This first one is super easy, but fun nonetheless:

#2: Now we’re going into classic American Cinema for this one:

#3: A certain someone is looking a little derpy in my screenshot but oh well. Another classic:

#4: Another Gimme:

#5: You’ll need to know your Martial Arts genre for this one:

#6: On some days, I feel a lot like the main character of this classic film. Just not in this sequence :D

#7: Now this one I actually don’t know.

#8: I’ve seen this one several times, but I’m unfamiliar with the original reference.

How’d you do? You got all your answers?

#1 Star Wars
#2 Singing in the Rain
#3 Mary Poppins
#4 James Bond
#5 Game of Death
#6 The Graduate
#7 ???
#8 ???


And well, I’m still not entirely sure whether I still missed a few more references. Hope you enjoyed this!