Title: Hazy | Artist: Sphere | Anime: Hanasaku Iroha

Today, I bring you “Hazy” by the band Sphere from the anime Hanasaku Iroha. This anime was one of the first P.A. Works shows that I watched and I’ve been a fan of the studio ever since (having released some of my other favorites like Nagi no Asukara and Shirobako).


What made me enjoy this anime, and what made it memorable for me, were the great background shots and characters that were overall fun to watch and develop. This ED really portrays the show effectively in that it has a “slow” and calm melody at the beginning, but is combined with fast-paced and steady verses and chorus. The anime is very much the same way, where our MC Ohana Matsumae moves to a rural area to live with her grandmother and work at her inn. Once she begins her job, her tasks are almost non-stop and she needs to stay busy or else her strict grandmother will unleash some verbal punishment.

NOTE: It’s been a while, so please forgive me if I’ve messed up some facts.

With that, I’d recommend giving this a watch. Leave any comments if you have opinions on the anime or the ED. Thanks for reading/listening!