Title: God Knows | Artist: ENOZ (Aya Hirano) | Show: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

I am unable to post any of my all time favourite OP/EDs today as over the past year most of them have already been posted. Even my favourite anime have had their openings and endings mostly used throughout the year.


So as today is my birthday and for my last OP/ED of the year I’m going to break the rules slightly and post a song that isn’t actually used as either an opening or ending. God knows appears in episode 12 (or 26 of the 2009 series) played by Haruhi and Yuki filling in for the vocalist and lead guitarist of the band ENOZ who are set to play the school Cultural Festival. The song has been my ringtone for several months and that is entirely because of that guitar solo that starts the track.

The full version below features long solos and backing vocals and an extra verse/chorus in the middle of the song: